[i]Johnny was this close to starting a FIRE DAN HAWKINS thread. After all, Hawkins hired Verducci and Miller. This bloated coaching staff is his doing. Most of them suck!

The best coach on his staff is Noel Thorpe; and Hawkins did not hire THorpe, he inherited him.

Hawkins on probation. Hey Hawkins...


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I was glad to see that both of Wetenhall's sons are now team directors according to the new media guide. Johnny needs his own team private telephone line.

At 40 years of age, I'm not sure if AC can afford to give his HC much of a probation. He was hammered last night. At this rate AC won't survive 18 games. I hope Hawkins is adaptable because his schemes are hanging Calvillo out to dry.

An Argo-Cat fan

Looking at Hawkins demeanor last night. He knows he’s in big trouble.

I'm surprised he lasted through the last game! I can understand some coaches want to play their number one guy, but AC was a sitting duck out there. Bad on Hawkins for not replacing him. AC should be benched until the protection issue is settled. Problem is, Popp got rid of Quinton Porter who would have been a viable solution due to his scrambling ability.

A complete offensive fiasco.

Along with Thorpe I think Nelson is doing a great job with the linebacking core,as he did in Edmonton. stewing over this last game's offensive coaching mess, even Danny M would do a better job as OC

Dan Hawkins went on probation with me when he cut Quinton Porter. That move made no f... sense, no matter how you slice it. We could have really used Quinton to move the pocket and change the pace of the game yesterday.

With Miller in charge of the offense and Verducci having completed messed up a formerly all-star O-line, I doubt Porter would made much of a difference TBH.

On the contrary, that's exactly the type of situation in which you need a guy who can improvise and scramble. Not to mention, a proven QB who can take over when things just aren't clicking, like last game. The Als screwed up big time by letting QP go, and they're on the edge of losing AC to injury. Not smart.

To be fair, let’s give Miller & company some time: We just lost one of the best offensive minds the Als have ever had, I expected a let down.

What’s not acceptable is that AC is not protected, and that he keeps playing in those conditions. If you can’t keep him safe, then play number 2.

But if things don’t improve, those of us who wanted a Canadian OC, or at least one with proven CFL pedigree, will have been proven right.

Gotta disagree. If this were a case of Anthony just being off and not being able to execute, I'd be on your side, but the inefficiency of the offense is stemming from the incompetence of the OC and O-line coach. Porter might provide a brief spark, but is that really our answer in the long term? If the OC can't design a playbook and call a game to get the most out of a future Hall of Fame QB, a stud receiving corps, and an all-star O-line, to say nothing of the talented RBs we have to run the ball, Quinton Porter isn't the answer to our prayers. His release was a mistake, but it's symptomatic of a much larger problem: Miller himself.

Your not paying attention to the point we are making. We are not suggesting that Porter will lead the team to a GC. It would have allowed Hawkins to pull AC instead of turning him into a piñata by replacing him with a QB that can get first downs with his feet and has a knack to making plays when the shiat hits the fan.

Why do you specifically need Porter for that? They could have just put in Neiswander. The fact that Calvillo was still out in the 4th quarter means they wouldn't have pulled him, regardless if Porter was on the roster or not. I'm with d&p, I think the problem is with Miller's offense. Like Josh Bourke said, we have some of the best players in the league on offense, there's no way they all suddenly got this bad. Keeping Porter wouldn't have changed anything.

If they weren't smart enough to devise a decent offense, if they weren't smart enough to keep Porter, if they weren't smart enough to pull Calvillo for his own health and put in Neiswander or Marsh, what difference would Porter being around make? He'd probably still be standing on the sidelines while Calvillo got used as target practice and Miller ran his Helen Keller offense.

game stats :

16 for 28 121 yards 1 TD (late in the 4th quarter) 2 INT's

7 sacks. 6 came in 2nd half

Whitaker 10 carries for 33 yards
Devine 2 carries for 7 yards

1 missed FG

5 turnovers by the Bombers not capitalized by the Als.

I agree with D/P there seems to be a larger problem.

when Hawkins was hired I said he would last 2 seasons at best. The Als will be lucky to play 500 this season. What I witnessed on Thursday was unacceptable to anyone's standards. I have never seen an offense so out of sync. their pass pro was brutal, but what was more troublesome was the concepts on offense, or should I say no concepts whatsoever. Popp what could you have been thinking ? Maybe you should try looking in your backyard for a Head Coach or at least an offensive coordinator.

That's why I think Blake Nill is the guy to fix this. He understands the Canadian game like very few. He's shown he can use multi-faceted running game. He was an Olinesman with the Als so he knows what a Pro locker room is like. He can double down on the oline and the OC job for a season. Hell we have pretty much his entire draft class on our team. So we must think he can coach. Let Miller go, place Nill in charge of the offense and go from there. And bring back AM or at least QP cause we are going to need a QB very soon.

Whether Nil would be the fix or not, GMs (anywhere) don't often fire a newly hired coach after two games. Of course do they even need to fo outside the team if they want to makle a chnage, AC would seem to be a possible "resource" if given more authority.