Dan Goodspeed

more likely to land him then Tom as he doesnt seem to express any ill will towards winnipeg like canada... he will come back if the price is right and not being able to sign tommy c will able us to give him the raise he is looking for...

however, if he does hit free agency and we lose him to the highest bidder our best option would be to bring back garrick jones and have him fight it out with matt omera for the tackle spot... matty has proven his own against canada(scrap in TC) and may be a good option... and will probably land more NI depth on the line with the up coming draft

there is life after goodspeed and canada

and maybe taman will bring in another real good import tackles. hes brought in three now and they seem to be a dime dozen... brought in garrick in 02... jeremese and dan afterwards... so he may have a few tricks up his sleeve if we do happen to lose both

.....I have a question....IF other teams are signing their 'high-priority' fas' ..what the hell is wrong with us..Taman BETTER come up with the dough for Goodspeed and Canada....anything less indicates the Bombers are not interested in a winner...The cap might have to be exceeded ..to hang on to these guys...Seems you can win Grey Cups without that being a 'big' worry...I say pay Dan what he's worth as one of the top linemen in this league...or start watching the team unravel and begin the slide....Get er done Taman... :twisted:

i agree papa taman is a little slow on the resigning right now. i loved dan goodspeed last year, great lineman and really nice guy to talk to. i think he wants to stay but we need to dish him more cash, and don't trash canada thats all hear say about him and winnipeg. This is why i was actually hoping Stegall would finish this year because so many contracts are up and we need the cash to get them back. So lets do it Taman you got an extra 150,000 to play with get these guys back.