Dan Good Speed Working out for Saints

THE PLOT THICKENS: Bomber right tackle Dan Goodspeed flew to New Orleans Tuesday night and will work out with the Saints today. A CFL all-star and runner-up to the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman award to B.C.'s Rob Murphy, Goodspeed is just one game shy of his full NFL pension after stints with Washington, Tampa Bay, San Francisco and the Jets.

But Taman is squeezing hard to get Goodspeed signed to a new three-year deal.

"If we lose him I'm not sure we can find a Dan Goodspeed-calibre lineman," Taman said. "I'd rather not run that risk. I've been in Winnipeg for a lot of years and we've run through so many O-linemen... until recently it's been a cluster-mess. Plus, when I look around this league and see other teams going through the same thing... I'd rather not take that chance."

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IT may not help get Dan Goodspeed's name on a new Winnipeg Blue Bomber contract, but a little face time likely can't hurt negotiations, either.
Bomber GM Brendan Taman spent last weekend in Pittsburgh meeting with Goodspeed and his agent Ron Del Duca in the attempt to hammer out a new deal with the all-star offensive tackle before this weekend's CFL free agent deadline.

Taman spent most of Monday travelling back home to Winnipeg after a weekend get-together that included dinner at Jerome Bettis's Grille 36 restaurant, a Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers game and a stop at Del Duca's home.

"We don't have a deal, but we're moving inch by inch," said Del Duca. "I've still got to get the numbers to make Dan if not the highest-paid, then one of the highest-paid O-linemen, in the CFL.

"We're still far apart... we're closer, but we're not there yet. Look, there was no swearing back and forth at each other when we met. It wasn't all lovey-dovey either. We parted Sunday night and said we'd be in touch. Whether we get there or not in the next few days... I will say that through the grapevine... other teams are out there waiting for him to hit the market. There's interest in Dan from almost every club in the CFL.
"His final numbers are going to be up there."

Goodspeed is said to be seeking a three-year deal worth the same annual pay as B.C. Lions tackle Rob Murphy, roughly $140,000.

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Is this guy…

-really worth 140K a year?

-really that much better than Woodard or Cavka?

He is probably the best offensive tackle in the league.

So I would say yes on both counts.

Do you think that Cats will go after Goodspeed?

No, because I lost faith in this organization last season.

We shall see if Obie shows up for Free Agency.

I don't Winnipeg will give us the chance to sign him.
There still time for them to sign him before the Opening of FA at Midnight Saturday Morning.