Dan Giancola...ni kicker signed

...A pretty good place- kicker in his day ..but is his day done....A little older at 36..but recently attended Kellys mini-camp and was nailing everything....I kid you not ..he was accurate 96% of the time from everywhere on the field....Still leaves us with no punter.....I wonder if he'll give that a shot.....His days with T.O. were also impressive...and then he disappeared....Is he the answer?????? :roll: I guess we'll see.... :roll:

Hope this wasn't premature, it wouldn't be the first time the media in town here jumped the gun. Then again, at 36, maybe we'd be better off if they were wrong, again.

...Yeah...you're right pigseye.....nothing confirmed yet with Giancola.....word out was premature....He did show well at the fa camp....Could be another Burke Dales deal....he's signed and then he ain't....I won't hold my breath ..waiting... :lol:

This move makes no sense. Serna's placekicking near the end of 2008 was good, but his punting stunk. Now Kelly brings in another placekicker (who is old and who bags groceries in his real job) who also can't punt?

Kelly is making the mistake of planning on replacing EVERYBODY to make the team HIS. Good luck with the time it takes your squad to gel this year.

I'm thinking, Kelly realizes he is going to have to go with an import punter, since Serna really isn't a punter. That being the case, he has to find a NI place kicker.

Wow! Let's party like it's 1999 .... Is the database broken?

Hey, $100.00 is $100.00, take the money and run.

wow seems a lot of people dont think what Kellys doing is very smart, a lot of bashing for the guys hes cutting and trading..

imo - i believe its good that he is bringing in new kickers, we can worry about the ratio once other positions are getting clearer on who will be starting but for now i love what kelly is doing, he is bringing in as many people as possible to ensure there will be plenty of competition come tryouts and in my books there is nothing wrong with that.

and as far as kelly tearing down the existing team and making it his own... well the old team wasnt very good, sure it had some big names but it just wasnt coming together so why not try somethin new... it worked for calgary last year, they rebuilt half there team and look at the result!

maybe it caught the y2k bug and is still stuck in the last millennium.

i like the fact new kickers are being brought in but this guy is old. however, if he can attempt a field goal without me going into cardiac arrest fearing he is going to shank a 25 yarder, then im all for it.

…There are going to be a few punters getting a look-see at t.c., from what i’ve been hearing…Bombers are ‘very interested’ in a kicker on another club…but will wait to see what happens in the draft…Still awhile till training camp guys… :wink:

...according to the free press Giancola has signed a three year deal with the BigBlue....Kicked a 57 yarder in bad weather and nailed 95% of his attempts....I can see why the Bombers were awe-struck....we haven't seen that kind of place-kicking for awhile....I think Serna may be in tough as Dan is a canuck....Still no punter though.....Is the doughnut guy in B.C. still available ...or is he lost in the 'weed's.....Hello McDonut are you out there :lol: :lol:

I don't care if he's 36......BIG DEAL!!! He's a kicker and if he can provide us with consistency,say..70 to 80% success rating,then who cares about his age!!! Except the two heros who come on "OUR" forum and shoot their mouths off without knowing all the facts.

I always liked Giancola as a placekicker, its been so long since he was in the league that I have forgot about him. Met him at Argo training camp a few years back, real nice guy. Wonder why he was out of the game for so long since there is a lack of quality Canadian kickers recently.

Todays paper is saying he is 39 ? I don't think anyone really knows just how old the guy is.

Hey, if he out kicks Serna in camp whatever.

It's obvious this is a stunt. Kelly couldn't find a kicker so he's throwing Giancola on the field. 39 is one thing , 39 and five years out of football. The guys groin will be pulled or done by the time he's done getting ready for camp.

I have an idea, since he's bringing in ghosts. He should bring in Mat "Bubbles" Kelly. So this season when people call him all kind's of names.... He can pretend they are beating up on Mat :wink: