***Dan Akroid Interested in Renegades???

most of us saw Akroid on friday nite footbal make some comments about how he Loves the CFL. and then he was asked about buying the Renedages or some CFL franchise ( i say, invest in Halifax ).....well here's an article about it:


Hollywood funnyman Dan Aykroyd may be interested in buying shares in the Ottawa Renegades.

In an interview during Friday Night Football in Week 16, TSN broadcasters Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor vaguely asked the Ottawa-born TV/movie star if he would consider buying shares in the Ottawa franchise.

"It's possible, if the economics are right," said Aykroyd. "When you build a great franchise it can be a lot of fun."

Aykroyd, who was in Calgary promoting a brand of tequila called Patron, was watching the Stampeders battle the Hamilton Tiger Cats when the interview was conducted.

Renegades president Lonie Glieberman was informed of Aykroyd's comments.

"We're not interested in selling," said Glieberman, "but we are going to try and get in touch with him to see if he wants to get involved."

The Gliebermans own 51% of the Renegades, while Bill Smith owns about 45% and Bill and Brad Watters have the remaining 4%.

In 1991, fellow Canadian actor John Candy partnered up with then Los Angeles King owner Bruce McNall and Wayne Gretzky to purchase the Toronto Argonauts.

..........so atleast we know the Glibermans are sticking around!

why, OH why, can't Akroid and some other guys buy a team for Halifax?

Maybe Aykroid thought since it was already a comedy in Ottawa with the Gliebermans, he would fit in nicely.

With apologies to the suffering Ottawa fans.

Dan Akroid also had interest in doing a "Coneheads" movie...

remember how that turned out once he got it?

Dan should buy the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
That team is a joke.
Just imagine his new comedy act.
It would go something like this.
I asked my Grandfather if he remembers the riders first Grey Cup!!
Grandpa said to him.Yeah I was 5 years old.
Buy the riders Dan,it can't be any worse than the Coneheads movie.Or can it?

Wow! You're grandfather is 44? He's like Damon Allen, almost! Are you, like 3?

I hope you're not a joke writer Saskargo. There has to be better jokes out there about our grey cup drought then that. Very very poor.

Besides, Sarnia has had a longer Grey Cup drought than anyone else!!

Realistically, Ottawa has had a longer drought: '81 compared to '89. The Rough Riders were out for six seasons, so Ottawa has gone longer with out a win in terms of seasons.

why sarnia?

Sarnia was one of the first GC winners back when the trophy was still for the rugby union championship. Talk about going back into the "Way Back Machine" (Oh, Mr. Peabody!)

No Zartan.
I meant to say it from Dan akroyds point of view.
His Gandfather!!!

Dan Aykroyd isn't buying a CFL team or even part of it ... he was probably drunk when he said it.

Realistically, Ottawa has 9 Grey Cup wins, so that's 7 more than the green guys.

Actually, looking back, the '81 reference is way off. Sure, Ottawa was in the 1981 game in Montreal, BUT they lost to Edmonton that day. For the last “eastern Rider” GC win, you had to back to 1976 in Toronto when they beat (ironically) the Green Riders at the old “mistake by the lake”, Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.

Oh yea. My mom was at that game.

Interesting spin! A local Calgary Radio station is hosting a rider party during the game! Mike and Kevin Feterik are guest of honour. Could this be a new owner for the Riders and will he be bringing in a new QB for them next year. Just wondering!