Damon's 70,544th Yard...

Will most likey come on Labour Day against the Ticats. He needs about 165 to do it unofficially.

This begs the question... Should the Cats do anything for him? Perhaps stop the game and allow Tom Wright to present him with something?

I dont know... but before you all freak out remember this... The Argos stopped the game for Danny Mac after he reached 60,000. This is a HUGE accomplishment and I do think we should do something or at least allow the CFL to do something for Damon.

Your thoughts?

Agree.... the most professional pass yardage should get some sort of ceremony.

And the Argos did not have to do that for D-Mac, but they did the honourable thing... will we?

the hamilton crowd would just boo him anyways, like u did at the QB challenge, which was for charity.

I think our fans have a little more class than that, if they said something about it im sure he would get a standing ovation because there isnt too many accomplishments bigger than that, I sure hope that he passes that mark on labour day, as long as they dont win, but just to be there for a remarkable feat like that would be something special.

I'd be surprised if the TiCats organization didn't do something to acknowledge the accomplishment. Young is a pretty classy individual. Also, the coach and OC are ex-QBs so they know what a huge milestone it is. And I also think TiCat fans are too classy to boo.

An Argo fan

i don't doubt the class of the organization, who will probably stop the game to show something on the videotron to acknowledge the moment.

there will be boos from 30%, no doubt tho.