It was never more evident then today how Damon is done. In addition to the last two weeks against the Riders and Alks, he cannot get it done for 60 minutes.
He no longer can run out of the pocket and evade on coming tacklers.
The only chance the Argos have agains the Als, and I have previously said on many occasions how with the best arm in pro football he is the next logical starter, Michael Bishop is it.

Actually I think Toronto's big problem is they need to have a decent running attack. Avery or Williams need to step up and have a decent game running the football. If one of them provides good yardage on 1st down , then it will take pressure off of Allen. Bishop did have a good game, but after 3 good throws , he didnt do too much after that.

Yes, a good running game is a must, but the QB has to be a threat to throw the ball and Damon is no longer.
He had a receiver in the open on a long throw, I forget who, and overthrew by five yards.
This year more then ever he has looked all of his age.

Michael Bishop isnt even all that good. Today was the 1st day he has ever done anything actually good. Tell me 2 other things he has done... Im pretty sure you will be hard pressed to find them

Michael Bishop should start until Eric Crouch is ready.

The Argos could have a Heisman Trophy tandem with Crouch winning it in 2001 and Bishop being runner up in 1999.

From what I have seen of Crouch, he is a sort of cross between Doug Flutie and Mike Vick.

Crouch yes …Bishop?..I was shocked he played so well…this guys been a bum everytime I have watched him play maybe he has turned the corner? Could not have come at a better time for the Argos

Basically what i was saying about Bishop... Dude isnt very good

Bishop completed 3 passes in a row?
Time for knighthood.

Allan will start next game.

I thought Allen was washed up in 2004 when they won the Greycup and he freaking lit it up. IF Toronto and can make it there, watch out western team.

Still... pinball has the viable option..Bishops proved his worthyness at least for one game..but yes, Allen will start as he should.

I wouldn't write off Allen and proclaim Bishop the saviour over a couple plays.

I know for the Riders Rocky Butler looks great as long as you don't try and ride him for too long.

It is much easier to come off the bench and win, it is much harder to have the opposing team focusing on your game, and having to adjust to a defense designed to beat you

Damon is and always has been a slow starter in games but usually has good playoff games. Don't write him off. Hats off to Pinball for having the guts to make a tough decision to pull Damon for his backup qb Bishop. Saved the season and a gutsy call by a classy guy. How can you not love Pinball Clemons!!!!!

over reaction?...i think so!...damons been playin this season needing surgury on his finger...see how he does next season - after surgury - b4 callin for him to retire.

I also think his finger is a bigger problem than what most think. The Argos are going to be good at qb with Allen there next year even as a backup mentoring Crouch or Bishop who maybe just needed some years to mature, man he looks like he really can be a starter in this league.

I do hope Argos management think it is Michael Bishop time... I mean, right now. This upcoming Sunday. Play Bishop. The whole game.

Starting Bishop over Allen would be the best move.......for the Als, only the Bombers could make him look so good.

Damon has looked horrible the last three games.
Some of you will remember how Bishop played six games a few years back when Damon was injured and went 4-2 and looked good.
I have always mentioned how in my opinion Bishop has the ability to be the next Argo starter. A great arm and good running ability, all he needs to sharpen up on is reading D and making good decisions.

but i dont think the playoffs are the time to sharpen your defensive reads and decision making abilitys...lol

save that for next pre-season and a few reg.season games....

unless the rumours are true, and the argos land Casey Printers

Still though, this would be a perfect time to start Bishop.
Everyone including the Als are expecting Damon to start, so I would throw them a curve and go with the hot commodity.
Regardless who starts and Pinball has already announced it would be Damon, put him on a very short leash and give him no more then one quarter, if he stinks just like the last three games, out you go.

oh yea, perfect time...when 1 mistake can kill your season, and he's only made 5 passes all season, b4 yesterday....PERFECT :wink: