Damon Duval

I know that it is time of celebration, but we had this discussion last year. So I think he has been given the benefit of the doubt a year long.

What do you think of Duval? Is next season the moment to release him? He was actually worse this year than last year. 2 missed FG, illegal kickoff, and a short punt resulting in good field position and a TD.

I think he should get the boot

Better let someone else do it
He might miss

:lol: :roll: :lol:

Ben, la partie s'est gagnée par 3 points. Qui les a mis au tableau, ces 3 points? Je lui donne une autre chance, faute de mieux.

The Riders touchdown came as a direct result of a terrible Duval punt
The two missed fieldgoals are another 6 points

Not to mention the horrible field position on how many bad punts?
Let's not forget that everyone's newest mascot Maypray did almost nothing on returns...again

Duval almost singlehandedly lost the game today
And with our return game, it's amazing we survived

Two BIG question marks for next year
But not until the champagne runs out

Congratulations Als
And thanks for a GREAT season!!!

Yup! If I'm Jim Popp, I'm definitely looking for a new kicker. One that won't shrink under the pressure. :roll:

He sure did. . . time for a new kicker~punter.

"Everyone's newest mascot"? Sorry Senior, what do you mean by that ?

Maypray didn't do much on returns. . . but he DIDN"T do two things which would have been disastrous. . . as in running east/west or backwards (Hello, Hawkins and Vann), or fumble (hello Taylor).

So, in the return game, he didn't help us. . .

But he didn't hurt us either.

A new returner should be on the wish list for 2011, but a new kicker should be priority #1

Well, the champagne hasn't stopped popping, but Duval - you must be "Popped"! Jim, we need a new K for 2011.

We sure do.

Our "all star" kicker was 2 for 4 in Field Goals, and his average on seven punts was 32.4 yards.

Unacceptable. . . we DO need a new kicker.

Oui, c'est vrai. J'étais enthousiaste, je suppose. Et après coup, j'ai compris les regards complices qu'il a envoyés aux Roughriders sur la feinte de botté. Je crois que Duval ne veut plus jouer avec les Alouettes.

I only saw that when watching the replay. The guy has to go. He almost ruined a crucial fake punt at a time when we desperately needed momentum. Couldn’t place kick, couldn’t punt, couldn’t kick kickoffs in bounds, couldn’t conceal ST fakes … get him out of here. Disgraceful performance.

Well, he is at least responsible for at least 5 points off the boards. Without his missed FG, the score would have been at least 26 - 18, the short punt resulting to the Riders' TD notwithstanding.

I agree with duval needing to go he did everything in his power to throw the game away for us again. We need a better clutch kicker. Hopefully with Smith leaving the als can cut ties with Duval this offseason.

I disagree with you on Maypray though. His presence on the field I think factored into the riders decision not to attempt any long field goals during the game. If Im not mistaken Maypray got a TD on a missed field goal against the riders once already and in a close game the potential for giving up a special teams TD scared the riders coaching staff from risking a long field goal

Duval has been playing poorly for two seasons now. His GC performance was so bad in the 3 phases that it "looked" like he was trying to throw the game. For his sake he needs to be cut.

Duval must go. It's time to think about a bew kicker that will not let his team down when it really counts. Perhaps Popp can get rid of him now that Father-in-Law Larry is not arround anymore...

We might even think about a 2 kicker solution (1 for precision and another for punt-kick off)...I'm open to all suggestion...But Duval has to. His performance in the last 2 Grey Cup almost costs us both games.

Don't mistake me here...I use to love Damon Duval...he can be an amazing kicker, but lately he showed none of his usual qualities. Perhaps he's fed up with Football or with the Als...who knows..

Any ideas when we'll know about Duval (et al)?
Word is circulating about 2 yr. contracts. Now? I thought that happened after camp (except maybe for established players).
When does 46 man roster come out?
And what happens to active/injured? Automatically on roster, contracts written, or invited to 2011 camp?
And practise roster? Released, deleted, option for invite for 2011 camp?
Doesn't the 2011 have some effect on all this?
Those of you who know the "ins-and-outs" of this game will hopefully explain some of this to me. :?

What I meant is that Maypray was the worst of the starting punt returners all season
His return average meant bad field position for the Alouettes time after time....and all you need as proof is the fact that Trestman and co went shopping for other returners...even resorting to using linebackers in the return game.
Larry Taylor returned to the Alouettes with great hoopla....accolades all around for his great attitude and locker-room presence...only to see Taylor dumped...due to his "bad attitude"...and Trestman's inpenetrable contention that he wanted to go with the 2010 version of the Alouettes.

Maypray "caught a break", returning a punt for a touchdown in the East Final. Suddenly, after a BAD season, Maypray is lauded as a GREAT returner...and "x" factor...and a preoccupation for the Riders...trembling in their cleats. Anyone who watched every second of the 2010 season could have told you that Maypray would most likely do nothing or close to it all game....but there you go.

Everyone's newest mascot

He has this remarkable ability to run directly into coverage teams. Where returners like Owens are rightly referred to "elusive"...breaking tackles and making players "miss" on every return...Maypray seems to run headlong into any body available....as if the laws of gravity suddenly hyperbolized to not so heavenly bodies. He's even (embarrassingly) managed to run into the backs of his own blockers on a semi-regular basis.

He may have decent speed...but returning punts is about avoiding being tackled...and at 5'9" 185lbs...he's not about to run anyone over.

OK...Tim Maypray's held onto the ball (for the most part). But unless Trestman's covering for a chincy front-office, the Tim Maypray debacle is starting to look a bit like the great coach's "Lemon Blind-Spot". Trestman is obviously no fool. I doubt Maypray will be returning kicks in 2011....that is if Popp can find a "better bargain basement behemoth".

I'm wondering what's the story with Andrew Hawkins. He had one bad time in the most meaningless game of the season and seems to have dropped off the surface of the Earth. I suspect he blew a gasket after Watkins' early return from injury and has been benched/sacked as a result. If so it's a damned shame. I was looking to the Hawk for a great future with the Alouettes.

While Damon Duval may not be back,to me it would be irresponsible to let him go now; we should try to sign him,although he may have to accept a reduced salary. He is still amongst the best and he does punting and placekicking. I am sure that he wants to stay with the Als Some teams would definitely sign him. Even if we sign him it does not mean that he will be on the active roster when the 2011 redular season begins. It will all depend who is in camp and if we can draft Milo,who has/had Duval as his "mentor".

All players on the injury lists are signed players and will be added to the off-season roster,unless the Als let go some of them. Players on the practice roster are unsigned but I expect that all of them will be signed in the next days or so and will also be added to the off-season roster.


Including the Grey Cup 2009, the past year's stats do not bear out your statement. He is not among the best in any category, and what's even worse, his game recedes to shockingly poor levels during championship games.

Going into yesterday's game, I wasn't expecting Duval to be flawless or brilliant. I was just praying that he would be better than horrible. But he wasn't. He shanked punts for no reason, got flagged for kicking out of bounds, missed not one but two makeable field goals, and almost gave away the third-down direct snap with his continual glancing to the right side of the field. In a word, he was awful, just like he was in last year's Grey Cup game.

On top of all that, his attitude is poor. He makes excuses for his failures and blames others for his own struggles. It's time for him to go.

Not so sure I agree there. I am no fan of Maypray, I hope we have a better returner next season, but I am not sure that he was worse than Vann or Hawkins (very disappointed in Vann; Hawkins suprised me but maybe his talents are better utilized on offence than in the return game. . . but like you, I wonder what became of him. . . ).

Who was lauding him as a great returner? I don't think any of us here think that. . . I rate him similar to Bratton. Okay at returning, not great, not terrible, just nothing spectacular. . . every now and then both of them have recorded ST touchdowns, but neither it seems can be counted on to provide consistently good field position.

Good point, and maybe that's why Hawkins disappointed in kick returns too.

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