Damon breaks silence

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Damon breaks silence
Damon Allen is apologetic about his silence, but needed some time to reflect.

Awww poor Damon. This guy has never been a real team player. He thinks by helping out another QB, it's just helping that guy take his job. I guess that's true but it goes against what most of us would feel is a true team concept. The guy actually pouts on the sidelines when he's not in. This week after he was told that Bishop is starting, he didn't speak to Bishop who has the adjacent locker.

Great QB in his day, not as great a human being whatever he's saying in the article now that the writing is on the wall.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't know how we could have gotten rid of him here. But then again it's the Ticats. They have a history of getting rid of great players.