Damon Allen's Quarterback Challenge!!!!

This will be very good for the CFL. Exposure to how good our players really are. We have some very good QB's here. To see about this event, go to http://www.quarterbackchallenge.ca/

Looks interesting. Is there any plan on this being televised? I, unfortunalty don't live in Ontario.

I was at the event. The whole thing was a made for TV event, and I had heard that it is going to be shown in parts during the course of the football season. Something like the old NHL skills competition that they showed all season long, many years ago. Spurgeon Wynn was the ultimate winner, taking two of the four events. It was a fun event. I am pretty sure that you will be seeing it on television.

wynn and glenn take the competition, i would like to have seen where ray would have ended up...

I was also at the event
I'm sure we ran in to each other.
I won the half time event with my daughter.
We had to exchange the football uniform and run across the field.