Damon Allen's Quarterback Challenge!!!!

This will be very good for the CFL. Exposure to how good our players really are. We have some very good QB’s here. To see about this event, go to http://www.quarterbackchallenge.ca/

This is a great idea to get some exposure to see really how the qaurterbacks really do match up for eachother. It is also fpr a great cause. I hope that Roy Shivers watches and sees what a stupid decision he made by letting Hank go when he sees Nealon finish dead last of all the qaurterbacks involved.

Shut up Prime time

We are a community owned team and ain’t no one going to want to own a team in Regina. We pull the crap the other teams do, we are gone and ain’t coming back.

Roy and Danny do the best they can with the bucks we got. Neolon is going to run like the wind.

ok its time to end this ftcoffee, he’s gone this post in like every team frum, and the main one. thats like flooding with advertisements, you can get kicked for that.