Damon Allen's CFL quarterback challenge!!!!!!

[b] :idea: This is a great idea to give the league some exposure. Check it out at


these things tend to be less entertaining than there made out to be....but i good idea nevertheless

Anybody hear who won the QB challenge?

something like this would probably get more exposure at half way of season - kind of like an All-star game

I was there. It was being taped and I think it is going to be shown in bits during the course of the season. Spurgeon Wynn was the over-all winner, taking 2 of the 4 events. Too bad Casey Printers could not attend. He was scheduled to, but I heard his Mother was sick or something like that, so he stayed with her.


NO. 2 position went to Kevin Glenn........this should start a few people thinking.... Bombers.last place pick har har har har..... :lol:


By the way, Nealon Greene won the longest throw event. HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHA. Eat it.

Yeah, the GREENE guy beat KEVIN GLENNS throw by one yard......REALLY I didn't think GLENN could throw it that far.......he must want the starting QB. job or something.....I wonder if Ricky can throw it that far (73 YDS.) if not they're paying him too much.....or are the ESKS. paying him for his smarts....I guess we'll soon find out... :!: I'm going to quit rambling now......

I won 2 tickets with WestJet at halftime.
My daughter and I had a blast at this event.
I took tons of photos if anyone wants to look at them.

Yeah, the Blue Bombers have some awesome talent at QB. I think they should be heavily working on getting their O Line straightened out. If the O Line works good this year, Winnipeg will be hard to stop on offence. The recievers they got in camp look awesome too. Without a good O Line though, they’re sunk.

Glenn or Wynn, if I was Daley, I couldn’t sleeo at night. That’s the biggest QB contraversy coming into this season in the CFL. That and Printers/Dickenson.

Also, this shows that Calvillo isn’t that great, he just has a great O line and gets a few hours to throw the ball. Although I think the officials are in their back pocket as no one holds and gets away with it more than that Mtl O Line.

to be good at a skills comp does not equal being a great qb. i wish it did b/c wpg would be set. however in game day pressure including a defence things change. calvillo gets it done consistently. sure he might have good recievers and oline but it takes more than that. skills are important but game day composure is vital. hopefully our qbs develop that and will shine for us. i have the most hope for wynn but would be happy with any of them working out for us. you are fooling yourself if you don't consider calvillo one of the best in the cfl right now.

I agree with Pitbull about the O line which never gets the credit they deserve…when you can stand in the pocket all day LIKE Callvillo you can change up a called play and go to an ad lib…but you better have a knowledgeable and a TALENTED QB. to pull it off. I know now the BOMBERS posess at least two . :arrow:

That is why CFL type Q.B.s are better at than NFL type Q.B.'S , making faster discions. :wink: And CFL ,Q.B.S can run.

BUT, a Q.B. is only as good as his 0-LINE and how good his recievers are. :smiley: