Damon Allen

Argo Fans:
Does anybody know if Damon Allen is QuarterBacking the Argos this saturday?.Aucklander

Damon says he's hoping to return to action against the Riders; however, it depends on how well the broken finger heals. I say he's questionable this week, and maybe next week's game vs. B.C. also.

man, it must be hard for Allen not to be able to use that middle finger!

Funny, I thought that was a Bomber coach problem :wink:

oh, he can use it anytime he wants, but poor Allen can't use his at all yet! very sad!

I hope cause against the Alouettes that was a pretty big hit but he played the last part so i hope he can build up the strength to kill the Bombers

Agros could do ok with Bishop, at QB, He would be very good at the option O, , could be better than reggie slack,!