Damon Allen

I am curious as to why Damon Allen doesn't have a presence in the CFL anywhere or on TSN.
I've privately speculated he's a bit bitter over things...being booted from BC (kinda slagged by Ackles), forced to retire in Toronto (even though he was 44 or so- he did not go gracefully), not first ballot HOF (crime in my mind). Or maybe he's just a pain in the ass kind of guy. These are just thoughts not facts and not up for debate really.

Any thoughts? My sense is he should be around in some capacity. Maybe he just doesn't want a gig.

As far as I know he is still a consultant with the Argos

oh is he?
I didn't know that at all.
what does he do?

There's no listing of him on their extensive staff list.

Looks like he's busy with his football academy and doing speaking engagements.

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/football/cfl/Damon+Allen+calls+perfect+Argos/7586022/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/foot ... story.html[/url]

second last paragraph

I can't find much at a glance online, but Pinball uses him as an adviser at times. It would be more of a consultation thing, and would not make him staff. Kind of surprising he hasn't actually ended up with a club in a formal capacity...I would imagine it is his decision. He likes promoting the game in the community and is a great spokesman for the game.

I saw him at the Dog's Breakfast (U of S football fundraiser) two years ago and he unfortunately he is not a very good speaker. Boring and long winded with stories that droned on and on without really getting to the point. The only thing he could say about playing in Sask, was "man the wind, the wind was so bad"
Maybe the high school kids got more out of it, but our table wasn't that big of a fan.

All fo this tells me that he should not be a "presence" on TSN. Just doesn't have the chops for it in my opinion.

Interesting to read your comments Billy…my only experience with Damon was meeting him at the '08 Grey Cup in Montreal. He was signing autographs in the clothing/souvenier store. No one was paying any attention to him, so I went over and struck up a chat. He was very friendly, and we talked CFL for 5 minutes or so…quality guy.

Maybe he’s one of those guys who is just better one-on-one, rather than with a crowd?

They don't get any classier than Damon Allen or Anthony Calvillo and both are pretty humble so I'm not surprised they would not be very entertaining public speakers. My little experience with both "one on one" was memorable.

I have also met him one on one and found him very friendly. I was not trying to speak to the character of the man or his class, just on his public speaking ability, which in my opinion is lacking.

I think he is very serious and into his QB academy. I think he started the business in 2010 when the Canadian QB situation became a huge issue. Not to say it was never an issue but the last few years it has really seemed to be something in which the CFL needs to address

What does being "humble" have anything at all to do with being an entertaining public speaker? You won't find a more captivating speaker than Pinball Clemons - - and I'd hardly say Pinball is an egomaniac.

Being "humble" and being charismatic are not mutually exclusive.

Yes I don't really accept that a humble nature precludes an entertaining speaking style. Not saying Allen has the chops to be on TV. I really have no idea. Just find it strange hes not associated somewhere. Unless it his choice.

but, and its just my opinion, I find clemons to be a very smarmy fake guy. Certainly don't see him as humble. Just an act in my mind.

if you ever get a chance to talk to any of the three coaches that he undermined and fired over the past few years you may get another viewpoint. pretty enlightening. two HC and one OC.

you opinion totally sucks.

pure bullshit

Did anyone see him do the Hall of Fame announcement on TSN in mid-February?

Bart Andrus? LMAO...I can't believe that embarassment was allowed to coach the full season.

No, his direct firings were Austin as OC over the use of Ricky Williams , Etcheverry and Stubler as HC.

In any event this thread was about Allen. And in any event I'm not a fan of Clemons as stated.

Haha...yeah...Clemons knew when to get out of coaching and ran to the door. He inherited a good team and got of the ship right as it was sinking. Now I look at Wally...he wanted to walk away from coaching, but wanted the team on track...he moved up while the team was on the incline, and that meant coaching an extra 2 years.