Damon Allen

Will anyone pick him up?
so far nott...
i think he could possibly help us..
but he is quite expensive.

I don't think he coud help us.

He's not a good fit for the Ti-Cats.

Not a good fit for anyone unless he accepts the fact that at 42 (43 this season), his best days are in the past and he needs to adjust his sights and salary to backup status. If he does that, he could be a great mentor and backup for a young QB. He's seen it all, done it all, is low key and a real student of the game. But until he changes his mindset, I don't hink he's a good fit anywhere right now.

An Argo fan

Speaking as a CFL fan I would like to see him get picked-up by the Argos. He has had some amazing (unforunatly) seasons with them and it would be good to see him retire in the double blue.
Now speaking as a Cats fan. If he were to fade away over the offseason and not be able to "coach" the qb's I wouldn't loose sleep.

He was here about 15 years ago and we ran him out of town. I think we went 11-7 that year, but still he could do no right here, I don't know why he would want to come back even if we asked.

But more importantly, we have Maas and Butler who look like they are going to duke it out for our QB spot. Maybe we bring in another QB but I think he'd be more like a 'young-veteran' type. Someone who might have been in the league 2 or 3 years as a backup like a Brad Banks type, but certainly not a 42 yr old.

why doesnt he retire, what is he trying to prove, it seems like every season he gets hurt, the guy is the ultimate self-promoter he is always showing up tv shows and trying to hype himself up, this guy is the cfl version of tie domi.

truwarier's solution to every problem:

retire him.

i say the argos bring him to camp. if he's not the best QB in camp, then cut him...plain and simple.

if he is the best QB at camp, give him 2 or 3 games to show his '05 MVP form....if he can't, then release him.

theres no harm in giving a guy a couple of games to prove himself.

it happens on every team in every position, why not take that approach with damon...or maas, for that matter.

if i were the argos i would offer him a contract for the cfl's veteran minimum, nothing more than that offer, and if he wants it he can sign it, but they better not offer him ricky williams type money or even ricky ray type money, allen has a big ego, so they better not feed into it , by wasting money on him. plus whats the point of him coming back anyways, because next year they will be in the same situation searching for another QB, its better to get a fresh start as soon as possible, the argos need to stop wasting time and money on big names, also they better not waste any money on printers, let him rot in kansas city, let him stay down states. As for jason maas , i see no upside, and the guy is not a superstar franchise qb, everytime maas has played with someone their stats have gone down, with maas playing QB terry vaughn had his worst career season, jason maas has never been able to raise the level of play of his offensive staff.

Gee truwarier, I certainly hoppe the blue team offers Allen Ricky Williams-type money. That way they will have less to spend on other players.

Gee truwarier, I certainly hope the blue team offers Allen Ricky Williams-type money. That way they will have less to spend on other players.

whats up with the double post, the argos realize they have been exposed for having trouble finding talent, they tend to overpay and have never spent money on real football tools like scouting and coaching. Remember the cfl has no salary cap on coaches, yet the argos have failed to figure this out, they have never spent money on coaching and talent evaluators, the argos always spend money on over the hill rotten nfl talent, no wonder they can never have enough money to build their own stadium.