Damon Allen

His name is on the free agent list, but does anyone think he'll actually get picked up, or do you think he'll end up retiring?

the argos will re-sign him....who else can they get for QB with CFL starter, playoff, and grey cup exp.?

Retirement or backup at best!

I think he should retire. I hate seeing great athletes who cant adimt to themselves its over. They should go out proud and not find themselves.... thrown out.

I agree Damon has nothing to prove any more. If he does not want to leave football then go into coaching or scouting. But to play another year would be very sad! The threads on that tire are gone!

Why would the man retire? He isnt stupid. He has an opportunity to makes some coin. Im not saying he shoud or shudnt, but if a team is stupid enuf to pay him $200,000+ then all the power to them.

Agreed, if a team is stupid enough to pay him even back up dollars, he should take advantage of that. Why retire when you can hold a clip board for 18 games and make $100, 000? If he does however end up retiring, I see him coaching somewhere, he's played in the league for over 20 years, he obviously loves the game and it would probably be hard for him to leave completely.

He seemed to go down hill once he broke the record and never seemed to rebound. He would probably love the chance to play one more year and go out with a bang but I'am not sure he'll get that opportunity. If he does it'll be with the Argos. Who else do they have right now to take over??

Back in the 80,s qb,s made more than they do now! The average length of a players career is round 4 years, (?) Damon.Allen is approaching 20! IMO after the season the arg,s had it would be bad pr if he was still an Args, and Bishop isnt the 1st qb.

Surely the Argos could find a position for him within the organization, qb coach or something.

pigseye re-Surely the Argos could find a position for him within the organization, qb coach or something.
Yes i meant he should hang up his cleets, ( mentor a cis qb? and as a coach his Qb Challange could continue and grow(include nfl qb,s ?)

Allen went downhill the moment he broke his finger in the first game of the season.

i dunno why he waited until next week to get surgery ( meaning he will have JUST recovered intime for training camp ), when he shoulda got it done the week after being eliminated from the playoffs.

He is done as a player. With his wealth of knowledge, yes the Argos should hire him as a QB coach only.

The wait times for surgery are long in Ontario. :slight_smile: