Damon Allen ???

Excerpt from an article in today's Toronto Star about Damon Allen (wife just had a baby boy) ...

He said he will retire only if the Argos or the only other team he'd be willing to play for — the Hamilton Tiger-Cats — reject his services.

"I want to continue living in the same house," he said. "And there are only two teams that I can play for and do that."

Argos president Keith Pelley said he plans to sit down with Allen in the next couple of weeks discuss his future.

Allen will have surgery within the next few weeks on the middle finger of his throwing hand. He broke it in the opening game of the season.

Allen is done. The Ticats would be insane to consider him for a tryout next year. One hit, and he's on IR for the season. We have to get younger and stronger, not older and weaker.

As much a s it pains me to say it, Damon is no longer capable of being a 1st string QB for an entire season. He's sort of reached the same stage as Danny Mac in his last year or two in Hamilton. Still be a great back up though if he was willing.

An Argo fan

If the Argos don't sign him as a starter, I hope that he retires. I can't see Damon as a backup, he has accomplished too much and relegation to a backup role is demeaning. Watching Danny Mac on the sidelines this year was tough and a I hope thar Damon/Danny make the correct decisions.

The TO STar reports that Damon will be sitting down with team presdient Keith Pelley in the next week or two to discus his future with the team. If the Argos wanted him to play next season, he'd be sitting down with Pinball. Pelley has said in the past that Damon would always have a front office job with the team. It looks like this is it.

I hope Damon takes it.

An Argo fan

I don't believe it would hurt Damons pride to be a back up QB, itching and ready to come in, next year.

I don't believe it would hurt the Tiger Cats to have Damon as a back up QB for one season as Maas gets on track.

One catch! The asking price has to be right, Damon. :smiley:

Sadly much of what ther Ti-Cats have done over the past 3 years has been insane. Despute good solid advice from some posters here, many borderline ridiculous things have happened.

in no particular order:

offering deals to Doug and Darren Flutie without the buy in of the Football operations.

hiring a marketing guy as an interim GM to have final decisions on Football matters.

giving David Sauve the title "Chairman of the Board, with no board to chair.

implying the term "Argos $uck" was partially responsible for fan violence.

I could tap out many more, and so could many knowledeable and passionate fans. Fact is, we're fed up. Good thing the marketing plans are based on elasticity.

You are incorrect in at least one of your assertions:(the one about Sauve being the Chairman of the Board}

There has never been a “Chairman of the Board” since David Sauve came back to the team in 2004 because there was no “board” to chair…he was President of the organization.

I disagree with some other points you made, but that one I mentioned is just incorrect :smiley:

What dont you agree with?
Jake is telling it like it is, a rare thing around here.

Re: Allen. If he's prepared to take a pay cut and accept a secondary role and accept not being in the spotlight why not?

Right on Jake!

Well, I'd tell you but I can't get into a day long back and forth today cause I'm too busy.....so I just left the other points open for others to debate... :smiley:

I think i actually agree with every single point in this rant...

Who knew? lol

"Back and forth"? Just state what points you dont agree with. Simple.
If you're not carefull people might get the impression you're just a managment kiss-a$$.

That's why I remember it. If someone has the time, please dig up the original press release from the old site. Sauve was hired as president and Chairman of the Board. A board that was mentioned in the release and announcement of his hiring, but which never materialized.

There are so many things that I could add, but respectfully, I'm just disgusted at how this whole situation has degenerated into such a mess. And there are some very smart people that are part of the organization.

The only hope is that this rookie Desjardin guy can straightened it out. Word on the street is that he's a smart Cat, here's hoping.


Sauve, who was appointed club president in February 2004, was named the Ticats' chairman, representing the [u]team on the CFL board[/u].
Well, I guess you are both right...

Jake is correct. The distinction is clear president and chairman.
Everyone forgot about this phantom job title because they still havnt figured out what the heck being "president" entailed and why he up and quit.

David Sauve we hardly knew ye.

Yes, now that I see what Jake meant, we both are correct. I thought he meant that there is always a position with the team called Chairman of the Board and oversees the operations kinda, sorta.

I seem to recall that Rob Katz took the Interim GM's role and assumed some of the President's duties at the same time when David was no longer in the position as President. Sauve was to assist Mr. Young with league and BOG issues if I recall.....and at that point, he got the "Chairman" name.

..Phew, I just pulled a muscle in my brain exploring my memory banks.... :?

Have a nice day all!


Then why did you post earlier the title "never" existed in the time Sauve was here?

Good digging ,Jake.