Damon Allen

Should damon Allen be inducted to the pro football Hall Of Fame?

I think he does because if you can throw for over 70,000 yards in any leauge you deserve to be in the hall! :slight_smile:

I think Damon deserves to go into the HOF if they open a Canadian Division. To do it any other way opens up a huge can of worms for them. Look at it this way. If the CFL was universally acknowledged to be SUPERIOR to the NFL, do you think that would open up the Hall to CFLers? Not a chance. It is a NFL HOF--period. And that's pretty much how it should be just as the CFL honors its own

A baseball analogy. As good as Ichiro is, do you think he'd go into Cooperstown if he hadn't come over to the US? Never. But now, he's a sure thing to go in once he's retired.

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Hockey Hall has an international section

No, he never played in the NFL. Is Jerry Rice or Bart Starr of Lombardi in the Candaian Hall of Fame? no.

Exactly! That would be a perfectly good way to allow non-NFLers to go to the HOF. It may become more of an issue as the Arena league and NFL Europe start to develop their own stars and history.

If the NFL ever comes to Canada, that may kick start the issue for the HOF too. There's a big article in Today's Toronto Star about the prospects of the NFL coming to the city. A franchise now would cost almost $900 million U.S. Anyway, I could care less if the NFL ever came up here.

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He played his entire pro career in the Canadian Football League.

He will be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

That's good enough for me.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton is an American one in all intents and purposes.

I'm disappointed in the Canadian inferiority complex's constant need to be recognized by America. It doesn't matter to me one bit, with all due respect to Americans and American football.

IMO, putting Damon Allen in Canton would only serve to diminish the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Canadian football in general. I think it's actually counter productive, although I know it's well intentioned.

Open a Canadian division?

Here's one better. How about an entire Hall of Fame devoted to Canadian Football?

Oh right. We already have one.

(No sarcasm intended toward BarneyFife at all. Only trying to make my point about the validity of the CHoF, that's all.)

Actually, I tend to side with your argument more than any other. I offered my post as a response to those who want to see him go into the US HOF.

Damon Allen is a CFLer and should be honored by the HOF in Hamilton. There's really no need to seek out the recognition and approval of anyone other than that of the fans across this country who have seen him play for 23 years. Let the NFL recognize its stars and we ours.

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Man... all I can say is "DITTO"! Well said.

My problem with this quote is that Canton is not the NFL Hall of Fame, or the American Football Hall of Fame. It is the PRO FOOTBALL Hall of Fame.

Jerry Rice or Bart Starr didnt play in Canada so no…they dont deserve to be in the CANADIAN Football Hall of Fame.

I think that the US should get off its high horse and stop making their Hall of Fames (baseball, football) and Championships (WORLD series) seem all emcompassing when in fact they are National prizes only.

I understand what you're saying but I believe it's run by the NFL so their players get in and they can really call it whatever they want to.

The Pro Football HOF is misleading as it only recognizes Pro Football played in the USA.

For example Warren Moon's passing stats.

[3rd] Most Passing Yards, Career - 49,325

This stat taken directly from the Pro Football HOF website stats for Moon.
As you can see there is no inclusion for his stats from the CFL. There is a footnote on his stats at the bottom of Moon's page.

Will they recognize Allen and his career stats. Unfortunately no.

But the Canadian Hall of Fame will. Does anything else matter. Nope.

Damon Allen is an excellent athlete and a respected gentleman.
I wish he would be around for another 20 years. Maybe he will.... as Damon Allen the coach.

the pro football hall of fame is made for afl & nfl players, it was called pro football hall of fame, because it was created before the nfl/afl merger, also induction is based on nfl writers, and they dont cover the cfl, also the cfl has its own hall of fame, so whats wrong with damon allen being inducted in Hamilton?

No cause the HOF is for NFL experience, he'd never cut it in the NFL. And any guy that plays to 43 should break that record DAMN!

It's almost like everyone is saying DA is the best QB to play here. I can think of 10 better qb's than him. DA is garb.

--It's almost like everyone is saying DA is the best QB to play here. I can think of 10 better qb's than him. DA is garb.---

?? Well, YOU do something that sets a record, we'll induct you into the Goofball Hall of Fame

Should he go into the Pro Football HOF? Sure. Being American Born, I'm sure he'd be appreciateive of the honour. Plus, correct me of I'm wrong, he played his College Ball in the States, no?

He's destined for the CFL HOF that's a given.

who cares if he played college in the states, its called the pro football hall of fame, also if he was so good how come he never got inducted into the college football hall of fame in south bend , indiana?

I say no, just because there’s no way you can do a merger or a comparison of the CFL and NFL.

Name them !.... go on....name them.

DA is so garb Stryka and his 70,000 + passing yards so meaningless that it is making it on US media. Now tell me, why would the US media cover this if he is garbage and the 70,000 are meaningless, especially when there aren't even any American based teams in the CFL and we use those "funny rules" as some like to say?

If Damon Allen were to be finishing College now I think that he could make it in the NFL. Timing is everything and the NFL looks to more of his kind of Qb now than they were when he was pro ready. It was nearly impossible for a black QB to make it in the NFL then with the odd exception.

He may not have cut it then but I think he could have cut it now.

That being said I still don't think that he should be in the NFLs' hall of fame. CFL hall of fame is a given.