Damon Allen To Retire

Globe and Mail reports DAmon Allen will retire at a press conference tomorrow.

Not a surprise because he would have been at best third string. Or maybe cut altogether.

He had a good career, and set the passing record, but I wouldn't put him in the top 5 CFL QB;s I've seen in my lifetime.

Anyways thanks for the memories DAmon.

on a per season basis, he is not even top ten, but all credit to his longevity, and he did acheive some good things, and he was pretty much entertaining, which I guess in the end, is what it mostly should be about.

Hope he enjoys retirement! He deserves it.

Very true regarding Damons per seaon basis not ranking him in the top 10. Not too often you see a player in any sport have his best season over the age of 40.

A 3 time Grey Cup MVP...he rose to the top during the game that meant the most.

It will be interesting to see what he does next.

Well, I mean no disrespect by this, but it's about time. He was definitely fun to watch in his prime, though.

Im glad to see he made the decision rather than get tossed aside. Always better to go out on top

....the end of a great career...It's time... and i wish the best for Damon in the future...he was a good one.. :thup:

Here is a pretty good tribute by Stephen Brunt, who unfortunately does not write enough good stories from the CFL.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080527.brunt28-web/GSStory/GlobeSportsFootball/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... tball/home[/url]

When he eventually enters the Hall of Fame, it will be as an Ottawa Rough Rider. (The reason should be obvious.)

i feel fortunate to have met him over the weekend at his challenge. I happened to get him to sign a card of him back in his RR days, and he briefly told me how he rushed for 1, 000 yards that season. good luck in the future Damon.

I agree. He probably should have retired last season. Oh well.

I agree with you two, he definitely should have retired before last season. I believe his career is slightly tarnished at being the no. 2 guy to start the season, and winding up at no. 3 on the depth chart.

If I had been fortunate enough to play pro ball, they woulda had to drag me away kicking and screaming. No better way to die than on the football field. hoo rah

Allen was game till they didnt want him any more :thup:

Damon Allen is the Gordie Howe of CFL. He will be remembered for an outstanding career. Thanks for the memories.

Plagerized from another poster on another site

Damon Allen played for a six different teams in his long 23-year career. In 10, 20, 30 years from now, which team would you associate him with? I have a feeling that most people would remember him either as an Eskimo given the fact that he own his first Grey Cup (as well as his second), or as an Argonaut given the fact that he won his final Grey Cup as well as his first Most Outstanding Player with Toronto.

However, if you take a look at his various statistics, many #1 or at least #2 ranked him as a BC Lion. In some cases, I'm ranking him as a BC Lion compared to his five other teams. In other cases, I'm ranking him as a BC Lion comparing to other BC Lions. You can see that many #1 or #2 statistic occurred when he was a BC Lion.

Total Number of Seasons with his Team

  1. 7 seasons - BC Lions
  2. 6 seasons - Edmonton Eskimos
  3. 5 seasons - Toronto Argonauts

Total Number of Games as a Quarterback as a BC Lion

  1. Roy Dewalt, 125 games
  2. Damon Allen, 120 games
  3. Joe Kapp, 91 games

Total Number of Seasons as a Quarterback as a BC Lion

  1. Roy Dewalt, 8 seasons
  2. Damon Allen, 7 seasons (tied)
  3. Joe Paopao, 7 seasons

Longest Pass Completion

  1. 109 yards (tied with 2 others) - Damon Allen to Alfred Jackson on August 21, 2002 as BC Lions.

Total Yards Passing in a Season

  1. 5082 - 2005 with Toronto Argonauts
  2. 4840 - 2000 with BC Lions
  3. 4653 - 1997 with BC Lions

Total Number of Pass Completions in a Season

  1. 378 - 1997 with BC Lions
  2. 352 - 2005 with Toronto Argonauts
  3. 324 - 2000 with BC Lions

Total Number of Pass Completion Percentage in a Season

  1. 64.8 - 1997 with BC Lions
  2. 64.1 - 2005 with Toronto Argonauts
  3. 61.7 - 2000 with BC Lions
    (minimum 200 attempts, so not counting his 2007 season)

Total Pass Rating

  1. 102.7 - 2005 with Toronto Argonauts
  2. 98.4 - 2000 with BC Lions
  3. 93.5 - 1997 with BC Lions
    (minimum 200 attempts, so not counting his 2007 or 1986 seasons)

Total Rushing Attempts

  1. 136 - 1999 with BC Lions
  2. 129 - 1991 with Ottawa Rough Riders
  3. 124 - 1990 with Ottawa Rough Riders

Total Rushing Touchdowns

  1. 8 - tied with 1997 and 1999 as BC Lions and 1991 Ottawa Rough Riders

Tell me again what that obvious reason is???