Damon allen to miss next game?!?!?!

Not to mention the Blue Bombers situation. We have already seen two of their four 3rd QBs, this season. Unfortunately for them, we have seen what they're capable of.

ok then....im curious to know y you, supertoe, end every post with 'cheers'..lol :wink:

Fair enough. I'll agree that maybe I posted too quick. I find sometimes on here that by the time I am finished typing what I want to say and post it, there are already several responses. Anyway, no harm no foul right? I think we are all understanding what the other is saying and we've beaten this horse to death today, so let's let it rest in peace.


I’ll agree to that - you up for a truce drummer god?

Are you talking about the excuses made by SOME B.C. fans made after B.C. lost the GREY CUP to the ARGOS , last year?

OR , the ones made by some Montreal fans, after the EAST FINAL?

Please, show us ARGO fans posts were we have made excuses for any lose.? :wink: I know that I haven't

With or with out ALLEN , I believe that the ARGOS can beat Montreal at home.

They won't have, CAHOON...............and at the last game at the R.C. , vs. MONTREAL, they beat us by 60 points. Players, tend to remember those things.

In this game the ARGOS MAYBE only playing 1 , second stringer.

And............. BISHOP, is allot better than he was last year. :smiley:

i was up with a truce with u, JM, when i offered to do the play-calling for u....maybe u missed the hint?

Ding Ding, It's Sounds Like The Gloves Are Off And The Cage Is Coming Down From Above. It's Good To See Some Good Strong Arguements Going Back And Forth. Just Let's Try To Keep It Above The Waist.

Never Mind The Fact That With A Few Key Injuries To Your Team Having Allen Out Of The Lineup Really Helps To Even Out The Playing Field.

As It Was Said Earlier Having Good Depth Is What Football Is All About. Unforunitally Only Because We're Playing Montreal, The Team That Will Be Competeing With Us For The Top Spot In The East Near The End Of The Season, It's Worth Two Wins Veruses Any Other Team. Normally When A Players Thinks That He's Ready To Come Back You Should Give Him One More Week But Because Of How Weak Bishop Is And That Fact That It's Against A Montreal Team That's Lacking Due To A Few Injuries I Say Maybe It Might Not Be Such A Bad Choice To Put In Allen.

good take on it, bamboo

FYI, drumming, this is the second time I've told you I was not slighting your offer yesterday. I took the hint of a truce then, but I'm not the type to hold my tongue when I feel an injustice is being done. That's why I commented today.

Maybe they should dress Allen, but start Bishop. If Bishop does well, you let Allen recover on the sidelines. If Bishop fails lamentably in the first half, you give Allen a shot at turning the game around...

i think supertoe is a big boy who can resolve his own problems. :smiley:

Oviously I Don't Want To Be Posting Things That Are So Difficult To Read That You Just Simply Skip Over Them. As You Can Tell I'm Not Going To Stop Writing This Way As It's Developed Into A Habit, It Serves A Useful Propose I've Explain Many Times, And It Gives Me A Bit Off An Induviduality Such As 3rd And 10 Using Red Or Red & White Using ............

However Since Your Comment I've Tried To Breakup My Post So That The Longer Ones Are Broken Into Paragraphs In The Hopes Of Improving The Response To My Comments. I Know That Your Not The Only One Has A Problem With It So I Have No Problem Trying To Adopt Other Habits To Make My Posts Easier To Read. Such As Checking For Gramer And Spelling.

That is great advice..........either way......it should be a barn burner.

I think that STALLA, will do the job............WOW.......did we just do that?

:wink: :lol:

'barn burner'...lol...sounds like a good'ol JR call...haha


you know it's gonna happen, if the Argos lose, the fans will say it is because Allen wasn't playing. Didn't say you were already making excuses but it happens all the time. Teams fans always say it would have been different if their star player wasn't playing.

Lions beat Esks, Sanchez wasn't playing.
Argos beat Als (E Final), Calvillo wasn't playing
Riders losses in last couple weeks, 9 starters injured

I hate it when fans say the outcome would have been different if so and so was playing. Suck it up! There's 40 players on the roster so does that mean the other 30 to 35 other players dont' contribute. Granted, your star is your star but come on, get over it.

I think that we will with or with out, ALLEN. We have before, several times.

Actually , I wish that ALLEN and CAHOON would play..... it is more fun to watch.

I don't make excuses , others may, but I don't.It should be a great game either way........ and I am glad that I have tickets for the game!

good on ya hellothere. I've noticed you don't make excuses and I wasn't implying that you did and I wasn't just referring to Argos fans but all fans of the CFL. I was just stating the norm on this site.

It will be a dandy. Hope It’s Not Watered Down If You Know What I Mean?
(Just kidding gang.)

A roommate I had once from Nova Scotia started me on that kick. He used it primarily as a greeting, to say either hello or goodbye. As time went on we just seemed to use it in more and more.

I use it on here as a way of signifying to others that I am not trying to offend anyone by my opinion, no matter how strongly I may voice it. At least that's why I used it the first little while and then just kept on using it out of habit.

Sometimes it still serves it's original purpose and other times it just means "here's to you!"


Obviously all Argo fans would like to see Damon Allen play against the Als, but seeing Bishop’s performance against Winnipeg has made me a little more confident in the event that Allen cant play. Clearly Montreal and Winnipeg are 2 different scenarios, but he still showed a lot of improvement over last year. I really hope the Argos can take this one at home, because it would be a huge blow to Montreal’s chances of winning the division.