Damon allen to miss next game?!?!?!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2005/08/08/1164066-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-sun.html[/url]

this is crappy.....the T.O. vs Montreal game is lookin like its gonna be watered down.

I hope Allen is ready to go. Don't want to hear the Argo fan excuses after the loss.

Not sure what you mean "watered down"? Are you saying that it is not worth watching because there are players on both sides nursing injuries? They are a part of the game man. You are not showing much respect to the players who will bo out there.

This is why you have a 40 man roster and teams carry 3 QB's and why teams bring 50-60 guys for training camp. If what you are saying is true, then pretty much all the games this season have been "watered down" because every team in the league has had to deal with injuries to starting players. The Esks have been doing that since day 1 this year.

The term you are forgetting is depth. If it weren't for "depth" and injuries nobody would have seen how well Casey Printers could play last year.

calm down....when i say watered down, its 'cause both teams are missing KEY players...i wanted to see ( im sure everyone would like to see ) the best players against the best players....cuz now there will be question marks with any win ..."oh, well we woulda won had so-and-so been in the line up....

u really need to chill out!

Pinball says it right: If this was a playoff game, Allen would hit the field. But with the number of games remaining in the season, it seems smarter to let him recover fully.

What would you do if Allen wasn't 100% this Friday? Send him on the field to have the best shot at keeping the Als at distance, but risk aggravating his injury? Or live with the consequences of giving full control of the offence to Bishop, in hope of getting a healthier Allen in action the following week?

The Als being Cahoonless, I wouldn't mind seeing the Argos go Allenless...

tough call....i'd wait to game day to make the decision...

theres still a few days for allen to heal up...and it says hes walkin WITHOUT a limp...so, he could be 100% come friday?

I’d let Allen rest. The potential for him to further aggravate his injury is too great if he’s not 100%, and there’s plenty of time to catch up if Bishop et al falter in his absence. Okay - just to clarify - I’m NOT stating that Allen is the reason the Argos have been winning games - it’s just that it’s somehow easier to win with your starter (at least for most teams!). I’d tell Allen to chill, and start Bishop.

Chill out? Whatever, if you don’t like my opinion or the opinions of others start your own site. That way you can post back and forth to yourself and no one will ever disagree with you or have a different opinion. As for the question marks, when I hear someone say we would have won if we had so and so in the lineup, I think of one word.




And that means???

It means that he's losing an argument and can't think of anything else to say. We've been through this before.

jm....what is your PROB....we had an arguement...i proved u wrong with 'fact's from a gov'n site...y do u continue to mouth off???

what im sayin to supertoe is that id rather see 2 top teams battle for bragging rights with thier top players...so there will be NO excuses.....thats all im saying....

y JM feels the need to go spouting off again is beyond me?

Umm. . .spouting off? Sorry - I wasn't doing that. I have no problem, other than the fact that you're using name-calling to 'prove' your points. Face it - everyone here says things that p*** others off, and you're no exception. The difference is that when most people are called out on it, they either retract it or back it up without rephrasing everything they've already said. I saw supertoe disagreeing with your opinion, and you jumped on him for it, telling him to chill out and calling him a dictator. Why? I'm not sure. He's a very knowledgeable poster, from what I've seen, and I see no reason for you to start the slander. If you can't play with the big kids nicely, then it's time to take your ball and go home.

THAT was spouting off. . .

'BIG KIDS'...hahahahahahahahahaha-comming from an old, 5 foot 2 red-head.

when i said dictator, its cause of supertoes comment to bamboo: to stop capitalizing the first letter of every word...who cares if the dude chooses to write like that?

Y do u, Jm, feel the need to always 'jump into' any kinda disagreement i have with people..???? cant u mind your own bees wax?

ive come across a few disagreements on this forum...THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME....so i dont comment ....u should try that!

So, my appearance has exactly what to do with this. . .and you have no clue how old I am, so can it on that, okay?

Well let's not go through it again. If it means that much to you, of course we all like to see the best possible players on the field for our respective teams. Remember Ted White? Although I wish the Esks would never have another injury, I am realistic and know that all players on the field are just one awkward hit or tackle away from an injury. I know that's why my team employs a full time US scout and holds numerous walk on camps throuhgout the US in the off season.

It's why they have an injured reserve list where not all the names on it are injured to the point of not being able to get on the field. The problem is that if you put them on the practice roster or release them because they are not starters that week for one reason or another you will lose them to another team.

Sometimes, as hard as it sounds, one players bad luck with an injury is another players good luck with a chance to break into the line up and show what they can do.

You are right that there are players in this league that everyone wants to see, but you using the term watered down without realizing that some of those players may be standing on the sidelines or in the press box waiting for their chance to shine.

One last example? How do you think Ricky Ray got his start in the CFL? Injuries to both Jason Maas and Keith Jones. Both were listed ahead of Ray on the depth chart while Ricky carried the clipboard. Had those injuries never occured how different would the CFL look today? There is a distinct possibility that Ray never would have gotten a chance here in Edmonton, especially under Tom Higgins!


Especially since she mentionned in another post that her 2 ½ years old daughter was ill recently… Senior citizen rarely have 2 years old kids.

anyways...im tired of spelling everything out for u JM , so im gonna disregard your posts for now on.

the reason i told supertoe to chill, is cause his reply to me was that: he's not sure what i meant from 'watered down'...instead of waiting for me to explain, he went on abit of a rant against me ASSUMING what i by 'watered down'...i wasnt trying to disrespect the other players on the roster.

[quote="drumming_god"]'BIG KIDS'...hahahahahahahahahaha-comming from an old, 5 foot 2 red-head.

when i said dictator, its cause of supertoes comment to bamboo: to stop capitalizing the first letter of every word...who cares if the dude chooses to write like that?

Read the post a little more carefully next time. I didn't tell Bamboo to stop, I simply asked why and stated that it is hard to read especially on longer posts. That was all. If Bamboo really wants to do that, so be it. I was just curious.


Ditto that for Printers, supe - were it not for Dickenson being out, we might not have seen so early what Printers is capable of. . .