damon allen strikes out micheal jordan... a true Ripleys

Damon an outstanding football player at California State University, Fullerton was an equally great baseball player. He helped the Titans ball club win the 1984 College World Series, leading it to a regular season record of 66-20. He was drafted that year by the World Series champ Detroit Tigers in the 1984 Major League Baseball Draft.

Allen did not sign a MLB contract with the Tigers, but did sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday June 22, 1993. Allen reported to the Pirates Spring Training Camp in 1994, but ultimately left camp and decided to return to professional football and the Edmonton Eskimos.

In mid-May of 1993, Hamilton Cardinals manager Barry Hutton acknowledged that he was happy to have Allen in the lineup, even if was only for a few games. Allen had been working out with the team both indoors and outdoors. Hamilton was scheduled to play its next three games at home against the Kitchener Panthers, Stratford Hillers and London Majors before Allen was to leave Hamilton to showcase his talents for the Pirates and ultimately sign with them.

On May 17, 1993, Allen yielded one unearned run to the Brantford Red Sox as the Cards pounded them 13-2. Brantford scored first with Hamilton coming back to tie the score in the bottom of the first inning. The club built a 10-1 lead before the former Tiger-Cat quarterback Allen made his Intercounty mound debut in the fifth. Although his Intercounty career was short-lived Damon posted a 1.13 Earned Run Average in two games, one of which was a victory. He pitched eight innings and allowed two runs, one earned on seven hits and three walks. He retired six batters on strikes, hit one batter and gave up one home run. He did not post a batting average because of the League's use of the Designated Hitter rule.

On March 23, 1994 during his brief time in Pittsburgh Spring Training camp action, Allen retired former National Basketball Association star Michael Jordan (0-for-4) for Chicago's Double-A Birmingham club on a second-inning strikeout. :lol: Damon was the starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Double-A team, Carolina in that game. (with all credit to the Hamilton Thunderbirds web site--- go see em play guys!)

And this has WHAT to do with the Tiger-Cats (aside from the fact that he played here for one season)?

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... In 1992, Allen signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In 18 games, Allen threw for 3,858 and 19 touchdowns, and rushed for 850 yards and 7 touchdowns, in his only season in "Steeltown."

After the 1992 season, Allen was traded to the Edmonton Eskimos.

i dare say that was more than many other ticat quarterbacks have accomplished

"aside from the fact that he played here one season..." :lol:

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The Edmonton Eskimos picked Mike Shea in 1st round (4th overall) in the 1993 CFL Canadian College Draft.

O'Shea was soon after traded to Hamilton by Edmonton in exchange for QB Damon Allen on February 16, 1993 along with QB DeChane Cameron- a Clemson quarterback who was VIP in the 1991 Hall of Fame Bowl a linebacker named DeWayne Odom and a negotiation list player .

(equally) Swift - Skilled - Watchful - but certainly senior in service