Damon Allen starting!

It looks like Allen is starting.

He stuck his finger up your #@% and it held up?

what’s that? Oh ya that’s what I thought. Just thought I let you know that i’m I know pretty much everything you need to know about the game, and stop messaging me people, because what? what? you want more information.

It’s too bad for most of you the truth hurts.

Maybe you should listen now, but most of you already have.

Allen starting? can’t be? no way!

I see internet people


He started alright. When will he stop?!?

He just threw another interception. Can he quit, yet?

allen's a joke. even tho the argo's o-line is by far the worst in the league, there still giving him 7-10 seconds to get the passes off, and he's throwing picks left-right-and center. just quit already.

Another interception. Please let him quit!!!!! He's a grandpa. Give the old man a break...oops, I mean, let him off easy.

Toronto looks like they don't give a crap, playing with very little emotion. C-mon Pinball, quit being such a nice guy...loose it or something...Go Damon..

He staying in to get his record, got to let him do that first.

to be fair , he had allot of dropped balls and no O-LINE , but he wasn't great either.

He still had 256 yards passing.

I think he will be better vs. MONTREAL.

I hope so. Knock the smirk off Matthews mug.

and that owuld have nothing to do with the fact that the bombers now need other teams to beat the als for them to have a shot at first in the east?

I don’t blame him. The ARGOS need to win as well.