DAMON ALLEN , showing his age?????


read this............ :smiley:

DAMON ALLEN's Spectacular Season Rolls On :smiley:

He is done after this season, and the league will retrie his number. He has been playinf since I was born!!!! :shock:

I agree, there is only so much that a body can take and especially the hits to a QB for over 20 plus years. If they cant sign Printers, no loss to give Michael Bishop the team. I really like his potential, great arm and running ability.

it will either be Printers or the NFL will exchage Doug Fluite for him, and Doug will be QB for TO.

i hope ur not serious KK.....BTW, Flutie said he's retiring in his home town of New England

If the Argos replace Damon with Doug Flutie, I'll start to wonder if Leaf management has infiltrated the Argo hierarchy. The best bet is to go with a younger guy. If Printers is being too much of an NFL wannabe, I'd give Bishop a shot, but have a decent backup in case he's not ready yet.

Retire already Damon Allen and let's have the Argos go to Bishop! :x

I do not know about that yes, Damon is 42 years old and he is banged up over the season. But I have yet to see a 42 year old QB to be in the shape this guy is in. If Energizer ever needed a poster boy he would be it. I think he is just a bit bruised up. They should rest him for a game or two then buckle up the chin straps. I think his days are numbered but as long as he can compete who cares how old he is.

What a surprise
The argos are saying he is having a spectular season.
What does that say about Ray and Calvillo
I figure he will be back next year. He needs 2438 yards for all the all time passing record. Figure another 900-1000 this year and the balance next year.

Anybody know how many total years Moon played?

Look like 23 but he only played 3 games in the last 2 seasons for 228 yrds

What does allen have left to prove by coming back for another season? Some should just go up to him and say "look we all get youre not as old as everyone thinks you are and that youll always be a very good football player now can you please jsut let someone else play

Can you believe that he never got to 5000 yards in one season? I just learned that in hellothere's link. Never. In 21 years. Wow...

I didn't here abou that, sorry, well in that case.... Printers has TO to himself then.

Home town of New England??

Boston is the home town/city
Massachusetts is the state
New England consists of Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rode Island

Bah. Its like a big town...

That is pretty funny turd.

name any CFL Q.B. who is having a year like this after 20 seasons?

YOU CAN'T , thats is how great he really is. :shock: :smiley:

RAY and CAL. are NOT 42 years old...why not give the man the credit he is due. :roll:

NO he hasn't , but who cares........? :roll:

He just has all passing records including TD passes , 4 GREY CUP rings and 2 GREY CUP MVP's ..........name another ....active CFL Q.B., with those kind of numbers?

YOU can't.......and certainly not , A.C. , he doesn't even come lose. :lol:

5000 yards , big deal. :lol:

I will take the 4 GREY CUP rings , 2 GREY CUP MVP's , # 3 in all time CFL rushing , and most of the CFL'S passing records. :shock:

4 Grey Cup rings?... He must have bought the one that was on sale on eBay last winter...