Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge Pictures

Check out all the pictures RIGHT HERE

Here are a couple of teasers...

Nice job!! We knew you'd come through for us. There's also a very nice pic of Nugent there for the dart board :wink:

Definitely!! Also, I had no idea Marcus Crandell was so good looking!! :stuck_out_tongue:

He's nothing compared to our casey!

Yeah.. but I knew Casey was good looking... same thing with Richie Williams... Crandell was a surprise. :slight_smile:

OK ladies, wipe the drool.

I didn't read any "Boy, Michael Bishop is good looking" threads.

Actually, he's pretty hot too. :slight_smile: We have some good looking QB's in this league.

any votes for danny mac???

I'd have to agree, hands down on CASEY, he's by far my fav!!! HOT! MUY CALIENTE!!!