Damon Allen Quarterback Academy - fall courses!

Hey CFL Fans!

Damon Allen here. I wanted to let you know that Ontario fall courses at the Damon Allen Quarterback Academy are open for registration! Register before August 31 to receive a $200 early-bird discount. Regular price is $849.00 for an 8-week course, making it $649.00 if you register early.

Course options:
Stoney Creek, Ontario - Sunday mornings (starting September 12) or afternoons (starting October 3)
Vaughan, Ontario - Saturday mornings and afternoons

Each course runs for 8 weeks and is 2 hours/week. I personally teach all the courses.

Courses focus specifically on quarterback skills - from footwork, to passing, to how to deal with pressure in the pocket.

Register online today: http://www.damonallen.ca/officialsite/register.htm

Or find out more info here: http://www.damonallen.ca

Thanks team!

Damon Allen


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if only this were available when I actually Played!

wouldn’t do me much good today! :frowning:

Sounds cool but I think Ontario is a little far to drive.

We have these things called airplanes now....

:lol: That was good.

BS, prove it.



wire me $3000 and I'll prove it. You might have to use some new technology called a "computer" and "the internet" to send it though. And no, "the internet" is not the netting inside your swim trunks.

It's a series of tubes...

I thought it was a big truck?

I wonder if the Lions could get a volume discount if they send all 3 of their Q.B.'s. :lol: :lol: