Damon Allen QB Challenge

Will there be a Damon Allen QB challenge this year? I had fun at the one last year. Now that he's retired, maybe it can be renamed Ricky Ray's quarterback challenge, or Kerry Joseph.

Why should the name change? If he started it, it should be his name that stays on it.

i agree

I could care less about the name, I just want to know if they are going to have it this year.

i dont know but hopefully they do, i always enjoy watching it.

It has been postponed for this year, but 'apparently' will be back next year

That's really too bad. For the past few years, it's been a great way to get the fans excited about the upcoming season.

Actually, they had it last year but not the year before that. In total they have only had 3.

It's fun to watch on tv but to be honest, it's pretty boring when you are sitting there because it takes so long to set up every event. I like the fact that afterwards you can go down on the field and talk to the players.