Damon Allen QB challenge 3

its in my title...i dont know where the confusion is comming from...tomorrow is THREE.

'05,'06,--- '07 was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship ( cuz everyone was sponsoring grey cup )--- now '08.

burris was in DA-QBC 1 and joseph was not.
joseph was in DA-QBC 2 and burris was not.

as for bishop having the strongest arm, i guess we'll find out tomorrow, cuz hes never proven it against the others... and KJ threw for 83 yards last year, about 10 yards better than the next best ( which was n.greene ). bish needs to throw more than KJs 83 to take that title.

anyone wanna post the stats from this past Damon Allen QB Challenge? i am eager to find out how every1 did

yeah i cant find what happened at all yet :stuck_out_tongue:


i guess bishop does'nt have the strongest arm

well, KJ didnt get the 83 yards from '06, he did win the long bomb event...but after each participant got 2 throws each, him and bishop had a throwdown, where it didnt matter if it went in or out of bounds....bishop won that with a 76 yard toss to KJ's 74....but no points were awarded for that.

noone has topped KJ's 83 yards from the '06 QB challenge.

After watching the event, he indeed does. The event was both a distance and accuracy contest. Players only had less than 10 yards wide to get the ball in. With the wind and everyone being right handed, a lot of balls went wide right. Bishop threw a 79 yarder wide while Joseph hit inbounds. They gave Bish a 3rd throw, only too show off, and he hit inside with 81! I guess Bish can't do it when it counts, hmmm. They then had a showdown for fun, which both hit inside for over 70 yards which Bish won. Long bomb was the highlight of the event. There was a slight breeze that they threw into, which would have affected a few yards. Argos have the two best bombers, let's hope they can hit their man though.

Jackson did OK in all the events but won mostly for hitting alot of the accuracy targets which racked up his points. Printers, Pierce, Dickenson were not too impressive. Allan was accurate, Williams was fast. Printers and especially Ray were surprise flunks at the long throw. Glenn was wearing running shoes and was slipping everywhere. Marcus Crandell looked great. Perfect spirals, hitting all the targets, Sask might be ok with him. Albeit, none of this really counts for anything as someone like Flutie might get last place with these guys, but is greatest QB in the CFL. A game is not quite the same as running through still cardboard players, hopping through tires and then throwing to only 1 moving gocart. It was fun, nevertheless.

im gonna see about uploading some videos soon aswell. so check back.

Anyone have final standings?


That's one weird looking obstacle course... :lol: Now, did they have to throw the ball through a hole or just hit a target? I couldn't tell.

points were awarded for which ring of the target they hit - bullseye being the most points, obviously.

the challenge was 4 events:

  • the one i have video'd,
    -the long bomb,
    -2 targets and a moving target,
  • then the same with 3 targets and 2 moving targets ( one being 30 yards and another at 45 yards?? )


my video of the bish vs KJ showdown is too big to upload...sorry

Nice throw by Printers. I can't even imagine how disorienting that would be. :lol:

Congrats Jarius Jackson! Atta boy

Is it just me, or is it odd that the league hasn't had a press release about the event?

the league is run by idiots. Has been for decades.

It would be nice if they released something... Have they released anything in the past?

this is a damon allen event, not a CFL event.
the CFL are just one of a few different sponsors.

b4 the event, theres a corporate challenge; team RBK finished first, team Argos 2nd and team commish cohon 3rd.

did the CFL do a press release for burris' baseball game?

I dont know about press release, but anything of interest to CFL fans, having even the slightest thing to do with CFL, should be mentioned on the site. When asked, they should get involved in promo, and spreading of info, after, during and before. At the very least, they should have a section, a link, whereby they, or others, can post all such info. And they should welcome it, ask for it, beg for it even.

i think the CFL main page should post a link to damon allens qb challenge webpage, where u can watch it live.