Damon Allen QB challenge 3

anyone going?

IWS, Hamilton
saturday may 24th, 11:30am.
tix are $11.50 each

so...anyone going?

You looking for someone to go with? :lol: Could be fun... but I have no idea how far Hamilton is from London. Never been.

not lookin for someone to go with, but if someone from here is going, ill gladly meet up with them there or whatever.

This should be a tv show with CFL and NFL QBs :cowboy:

A great way to kick off the season. It is supposed to be sunny and 20C. For only 11 bucks and you can meet them up close for autographs. I'm excited to see Bish, Joseph and Printers air it out. Going for sure.

i am interested in meeting richie williams, ricky ray and henry burris. i have met printers 3 times, so i will have to see if he remembers me :lol: it will also be my first time stepping on the field of ivor wynne since my teams dreadful 38-2 playoff loss.

burris isnt goin to be there:


It looks like they have just about every QB… why isn’t Burris showing up?

he wasnt there for the DA-QBC-2, either

i DO suspect he doesnt want to get shown-up by kerry joseph in the 'long bomb' competition, cuz when KJ started showin up to the DA-QBC, thats when burris stopped going.

i think burris likes the TSN announcers sayin he has the strongest arm in the league, when thats just not true.

lol drummergod im pretty sure theres only been 2 QB challenges.

...not sure where he said otherwise??

meaning there has been 1 before this one, where i believe both KJ and Burris were there. For all we know Burris could be staying home for personal reasons, or he just feels like he doesnt want to waste his time. i don't think he's afraid of KJ.

There were two prior to this one.

my mistake

...but now I'm thinking may have been three? Did this begin in 2005, or 2006? My memory can't be failing me this soon...

I think this is the 3rd

Well, regardless... still no reason for Burris to be anti-social. I mean, every starter (AC aside for obvious reasons) and a lot of the back-ups are going to be there.

Here, it says it began in 2005.

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/News/2005/04/26/1013969.html]http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/News/2005 ... 13969.html[/url]

Yet, I recall only two...

It would be nice if they did it in other cities other than Hamilton and Toronto

When do TSN announcers ever say this? I thought it was pretty common knowledge that neither Burris or Joseph have the strongest arm in the CFL. That title belongs to Michael Bishop.