Damon Allen on ESPN today.

Damon Allen on ESPN today, of course they asked him if he ever thought about playing in the NFL, and he saild that he fealt like he has alwaysbeen playing in the NFL. Then they went on to talk about Reggie Bush and his brother Marcus. Even though I' am a diehard Al's fan i got to say that he is such a classy player both on and off the field.

Wow, interesting. I never thought they'd have any CFLer on ESPN. Was it on SportsCentre or something?

ESPN radio had a thing on Paopao where the host played his last Media interview after Ren's last game just to show what a class guy this is, and how you would never see such class coming from a guy an NFL franchise just fired. I thought that was cool.

It was on ESPN News which is like sportscenter, but it runs from like 1:00 to 5:00 on espn2. They usually have many guests on the show from former coaches to today’s player. Its a good show if you don’t like to watch the reruns of sportscenter. They talked about his brother Marcus and comparing him to USC’s Reggie Bush.

Don’t know maybe it could be a plug for him getting into the broadcasting industry?? He has the swagger for it.

Good for him. That's pretty cool.

Does anybody have a link to a clip online? I like to see it!

Actually, yeah, that'd be cool. anyone have a clip?