Damon Allen Is Not My First Pick For The Pro Football HOF

Lui Passaglia is.

even the NFL fans can't claim kicking is any easier north of the 49th

And he is WAY bettter then the kicker in the HOF

the NFLer has 1699 points
Lui has 3991

with the goals posts 10 yrds closer, fg is easier in the CFL.

However, Lui should still be recognized in a pro football HOF somewhere beside the CFL.

A 40 yard field goal is a 40 yard field goal. It doesn't matter where the post is.

Even if you did want to look at it like that the Canadian field is 10 yards longer so it evens out

Question, when the ball is actually kicked from the 40 yrd line in both leagues, do they not call it a 40 yd FG in both leagues. In the NFL, it is really 50yds.

It is concidered a 50 yard field goal in the NFL

I will let you know if you are right tomorrow :slight_smile:

You ask a question and you dont believe the answer?


it wasnt the answer I wanted :lol:

Here is what I can find do far

[url=http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/recap/NFL_20020829_SEA@DEN]http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/recap/NFL ... 29_SEA@DEN[/url]

Kimrin hit a 65-yard field goal and Jarious Jackson solidified his spot as Denver's third quarterback, leading the Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks, 31-0.

The crowd stirred as Kimrin lined up for the kick from his own 45-yard line, then roared as the ball sailed through the uprights with a few yards to spare. He was mobbed by teammates as he ran toward the sideline after the kick.

From his 45 to the 50 is yards. + 50 yards to the goal line is 55. 10 yards to the back of the endzone is 65 yards!

You make a very good point and I would have to agree with you.

Lets get both of them in

  1. The goal posts in the NFL where just moved in the last , what , 15 years.?

  2. The hash marks were the ball is kicked are much are closer to the middle of the posts. The NFL field is allot less wide than the CFL field!

  3. The CFL use a very flat ,small tee to compainsate for being so far left or right to the center of the posts when a field goal is kicked.

Longest F.G. in a pro game , 63 yards by Tom DEMPSY for the D. LIONS Vs. Cleveland[he was born with half a foot] :o

The longest CFL F.G. was 60 yards by SASK. great Dave RIDGWAY!

  1. ro1313..... is right :thup:

yeah, put them both in the CFL HOF, then the Pro Football HOF.

When they say how long a field goal is they say from where the kicker kicks the ball until the distance to the goalposts in both leagues. In the NFL a 47 yard field goal would be kicked from the 30. In the CFL a 47 yard field goal would be kicked from the 39.

I never thought of that before. The mathemeticians among us could make a calculation, but basically the wider hashmarks and the goalposts being right at the goal line would both act in tandem to create kicking angles that are much sharper in the CFL. In other words, all things being equal, a CFL kicker with a FG percentage equal to a US kicker (assuming a similar range of distances) would actually have completed a much more difficult task.

Lui for the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Incidentally, NFL/AFL point leaders are as follows:

Gary Anderson .......... 2,434
Morten Andersen ........ 2,358
George Blanda .......... 2,002
Norm Johnson ........... 1,736
Nick Lowery ............ 1,711
Jan Stenerud ........... 1,699

But unlike Lui, I doubt any of the above would also be pro football's all-time leading punter. (Or is that Bob Cameron?)

Would be appropriate for both Damon and Lui to be in the Pro Football HOF, but the bias of not playing in the NFL would count against them. Add another guy to the list, Donald Narcisse, catches in EVERY game he played as a pro (219), or something close to that! That's a record that can be transferrable, no matter what league you play in!