Damon Allen .. $ for play ... he should be pissed!

Nothing wrong with competition for the starter ... but “pay for play??? .... nice try Rita ... but you have a poor memory ...

“Pay for play? ... “Hello ... this is not a violin concert, but a violent contact support?: Matt Dunigan, who quit the Argos when they tried this on him.

Ironically the idea behind this ‘pay for play’ move came from the same Adam Rita (with Mike McCarthy) ... Rita went from Coach of the Year and Grey Cup winner ... to “fired? LOL!

You tell ‘em Damon! :thup:

Skewl ... Tom Arth and Mike McMahon ... and your buddy, Adam Rita!

So Rita wants to pay Allen based on how many games he plays in during the season?

Not that I really agree with that, but it is a business he's running ... maybe Allen should sign up for worker's comp? :lol:

Personally, I think all contracts should be garanteed amount plus pay for play on top.

Damon should tell Rita to shove it .... but he never would

Gumby should go play for the Bombers ... a very solid looking O-line .... and Miltie!

actually, he should go find an old timers league to play in.

BC Place would be kewl


Thats nothing new. Wally Buono is re-writting Tony Simmonds contract in a similar style, since Simmons has blown out each knee over the last two seasons. (Todays Vancouver Province)

when the Argos have no idea who will be the starting QB going into camp, this makes good sense. Damon, despite his experience, will have to prove his worth, and show that he can still play at that high level.
It seems a good possibility that this type of contract will see increasing popularity under the new SMS. Guys like Cheatwood or Vaughn might have been able to get a contract like this out of Hamilton instead outright release. So if you don't play as well as we thought you would, its not a big $$ bust, and if you play better than we thought, then you get more $$

I don't think this is new in pro sports. I knew a guy who played for the Washington Capitals and he never got his bonus because they sent him down to the AHL with just one more game he needed to play in to get the money. He never got called back up. He told me afterwards if he was smarter, he would have just jumped over the boards in this last game (he didn't know it would be his last) knowing that they could send him down afterwards and he would be shiite out of luck.
Get over it Allen, it works both ways in this day and age of sports as a business.

...now your talking 3rd.....the old guy would be great in a back-up capacity to Glenn...BUT...would he be comfortable in that role...Maybe....to answer my own ???? ...if he's po'd enough at Rita...we might see him in the Peg... :wink: :roll:

I hear you there papa! Considering the likes of Tee Martin, Mike Quinn, and Ryan Dinwiddie, Damon Allen sure would look good as a backup QB in Winnipeg...........mind you, so might you and/or I, up against that "competition".

What a kick in the face!!!

Wait till Wally tells Dickenson the same thing … KA-BOOM

If Damon holds out, he will keep his self respect
and probably get the last laugh on Adam Rita, too.

One after the other, the new boy starters
will stumble and falter, as new boys do,

he can't bring in Michael Bishop,
their usual emergency stop gap.

He will be under contract
for the longer AFL season.

Damon can demand starters money
and fill Michael's role then.

If Rita doesn't give it to him
and Argos shoot blanks this year.

Damon won't be the only one
who is out of a job :smiley:

Settle down Buck! :lol: :lol: :lol:

You'll be our starter in 2008! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn straight Ritch, and when he is done playing slide him into the qb coach role. He deserves at least that much.

Damon is prolly 'drooling' over the Bomber's new O-line

...and the TSN "clones" would go wild if Gumby tosses Miltie ... his record-breaker!

and the TSN "clones" would go wild if Gumby tosses Miltie ... his record-breaker!

......or the winning TD in the GC in TO.

...oooooooo" ...too sweet....... :rockin: :rockin:

Never like Rita he is some what a moron. But when you think of what Damon has accomplished is it time for him to ride of into the sunset. He should take the money. I think the two guys they have signed are not going to be an immediate impact anyway and Couch is not ready. He will end up playing the whole season unless he gets injured. IMO