Damon Allen..end of an era?

After watching tonights came, I can't help but wonder if it was the last time we got to see Damon Allen as the starting QB. I know it was the first game but I have the feeling that he really had to prove something to the Argo coaching staff tonight, and I am not really sure if he did. I think that Bishop will start against us next game and a good showing by either one of the backups might just put Damon on the bench for the season. Might be the end of a stellar career. Comments?

Bishop showed more fire tonight, and I think he will get the next start. But I don't think we can count Allen out yet.

I'm ABSOLUTELY AMAZED that this is still a question ...

I've been saying it since the Eastern Final ... Damon, as much as I respect him, is DONE !

That many around here can't see it DOESN'T surprise, but the fact that a Hall of Fame Player and Coach continues to be BLINDED by LOYALTY - is ASTOUNDING to me.

Damon REFUSES/CAN'T throw down field anymore ... he is a dinker and dunker, and has lost his mobility.

Had Bishop started the 2nd Half, it would NOT have been close ...

That, notwithstanding - IF not for Buratto's COMPLETE BRAIN CRAMP on 2nd and long (a draw play???) on their final possesion - they could have still won the contest.

Argo's are a SOLID Contender ... without Damon at the helm.


Looks like the Argos have all the tools this year to go all the way but only if they start Bishop.

I'll have to give Paul Godfrey, who I'm not the most fond of I have to admit, credit. He even said recently when he was on Off The Record that the Argos should have realized Damon is now done as a starter and move on. He doesn't sprint out on the run like he used to, the legs are just not there.

Damon's methodical execution of the playbook
will still be valuable asset

when the Blue team's Offensive line
can him get better protection.

Did you notice in the 1st quarter
how it was breaking down?

With opening game jitters in the 1st quarter,

Michael would have coughed up the ball
running around 'hell bent for leather.'

It is too risky to have Michael sprinting
far outside the pocket for the whole game

making multiple instant decisions.

Michael is best used as a change of pace.

Michael would have coughed up the ball running around 'hell bent for leather.'
Ron, sorry pal, but there is NOTHING in the RECENT performances of Michael Bishop to SUGGEST this ...

Bishop had some SEVERE growing pains to go through in this league BEFORE his natural SKILL SET could be MAXIMIZED.

He is a LEGITIMATE starter now ... and the Double Blue would be BEST SERVED if they realized this too.


I think we should all remember that it was the first regular season game for all teams involved last night and it does take time for ALL players, young and older alike to get the rust off. Our pre-season does not give players enough time to get back to forum and I would suggest all of us sit back just a little and wait for the 3 or 4th game to be judging player specifics....will you folks be calling for Jason's or anyone elses head Saturday night if they struggle?


You can only get better by playing. And playing allen ,neither of the otgher 2 will get better. Bite the bullet and tell damon it is time to move up stairs and let the others learn. Keeping damon will only lenthen the time it takes for TO to get back on track.

I wonder if the blue team's fans will revolt and cancel their season's tickets if DA gets benched. You know, like several first time posters here did.

Bishop looked pretty good last night.

If hes done why dont they cut him? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm not sure Bishop is ready or ever will be ready to be a starter but he has earned a chance.
He plays with a lot of emotion and intensity and that works better off the bench in short spurts which is how he has been successful---yesterday and last year's playoffs included.
Does he have the right demeanor to play all game? Will his emotions sag as quickly as they rise?
Damon must be close to being done just based upon time, but I still think they would be better off this season playing him over Bishop. But---in the long run---Bishop needs his chance.

Damon won't start another game unless Bishop falls flat on his face. Pinball said Damon was given a chance last night and he was unable to seize the opportunity (which is a nice way of saying, let's see what the next guy has). If Damon is of the right mindset, I think he'd be fabulous insurance against injuries to Bishop down the road. I think McMahon is also in for a shot once he gets acclimated to the CFL.

Last night's game was winable but they stayed with Damon too long. In front of almost 30,000 fans too. I don't hink they'll make that mistake again.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Damon is indeed done as starter, Bishop should start next week. I expect McMahon will be starting by week five.

Bishop as a starter has been horrid to date. He shows a lot more coming off the bench, IMO. His armpunts are longer and straighter then too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee Bishopric,

And if Bishop falls flat on his face, or gets injured next week, will we see Allen or McMahon? That is what I have wondered about. What does these mean for where these quarterbacks are on the depth chart? Could McMahon already be better than Allen? Pinball may not think so, as McMahon was the quarterback who sat out last week's game.

It will be interesting to see which quarterback(s) will play. And if Bishop plays the entire game, it'll be interesting to see how he handles it. As TommyBoy pointed out earlier, Bishop right now may do well as a "relief pitcher" if you will, but he hasn't started many games, has he?

Anyway, it also does appear to me that Allen does not have the mobility he used to have. And I consider that one of the main reasons Allen may have no choice but to retire soon. But we'll just have to see how Bishop and McMahon do with the chances they get.