Damon Allen as QB Coach?

Hey all...

Just a thought: whenever Damon Allen decides to retire (if he ever does, the man is a freak of nature), should the Cats immediately hire him as a QB coach?

The Cats lately have had a horrible record of bringing in young, promising QBs only to see them fizzle and amount to nothing (Marcus Brady ring a bell, Eakin). Why not bring in the best of all time to teach the younguns how it's done?

Again, just a thought. Opinions are always welcome.


actually i believe he will retire and become offensive coordinator of the argos. He is familiar with adam rita and pinball, also allen calls his own plays right now, and he seems like one of those guys that loves to coach, he will probably become offensive-coordinator, and if pinball leaves, rich stubler will probably become head coach.

Hard to believe that Allen played for the Cats 14 years ago.

In 1992, Allen signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In 18 games, Allen threw for 3,858 and 19 touchdowns, and rushed for 850 yards and 7 touchdowns, in his only season in "Steeltown." After the 1992 season, Allen was traded to the Edmonton Eskimos (from Wikipedia).

Not a bad season. Imagine if he stayed with the Cats all those years?

I don’t think Doug Flutie would come back up here just to be a QB coach. He’d at least be looking for offensive coordinator.

LOL! ... I would have become a fan of the 'Junior Cats'!

Go Gumby!

Allen would make a great QB coach after his playingdays are done. I'm not sure he has the breadth of coaching experience to be an OC right off the bat but down the road I think he'd be outstanding in that role as well. I'm not sure Stubler would want the HC job. He seems to be content where he is and he also does that U.S.-Toronto commute thing which may not be possible if he had the demands of a HC on his shoulders. But you never know.

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