Damon Allen and the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Thought some might like to read this article, a few inaccuracies like the size of our ball and all the snow in Canada in the fall :smiley: but a good read I think:

Will he be a Pro Football Hall of Famer?

We have all heard of Marcus Allen and Warren Moon - both Pro Football Hall of Famers. But there is a third player with connections to both Marcus and Moon who is a major force in professional football who hasn't got the recognition those two have but undoubtedly deserves it - Damon Allen.

Damon Allen was born in San Diego, California and is the younger brother of Marcus. But more importantly, he is only the second quarterback in all of professional football to reach over 70,000 yards in passing during his professional career. The first, of course, is Warren Moon with a total of 70,613 yards.

Damon Allen has trooped his way around the Canadian Football League for the past 22 years. He has played with six CFL teams and racked up some incredible numbers as one of the most exciting quarterbacks in professional football. Damon began his career with the Edmonton Eskimos shortly after Warren left the Eskimos dynasty that he helped build.
At the age of 43, Allen has now amassed 70,112 passing yards and over 11,750 yards rushing. Amazing numbers! He has led his team-mates to four Grey Cups, the CFL equivalent to the Super Bowl.

Allen is well within reach of Moon's passing yards record and will likely eclipse it this season if he stays healthy.

But, the question remains, will he be inducted into the professional football Hall of Fame? Two issues emerge: recognition is hard to come by north of the Canada-USA border; and, he has not played in the NFL.

Canadian, eh?

Playing north of the 49th parallel has its disadvantages. The Canadian game is different with fewer downs; cold howling wind playing havoc with passes; the late fall snow making visibility difficult and footing uncertain; the frozen turf turning a sack into a potential backbreaking crunch; and, the numb fingers making handling the oversize CFL ball like playing with a frozen turkey at Thanksgiving. All of those trials and hardships make the Canadian game challenging, but certainly a lack of recognition from south of the border may be the major challenge.

Perhaps some notice will be taken of Allen's recent accomplishment if it is a slow sports news day in the USA. But that is unlikely with the PGA Championship being played, the pre-season NFL exhibition games beginning and the MLB pennant races heating up.

While Damon Allen has obvious pro football bloodlines that may help, it remains to be seen whether that makes any difference at all. You just don't get the recognition if you are in the shadow of your older or bigger brother. That goes for the CFL being in the shadow of the NFL; Canada, in general, being in the shadow of the USA; and, Damon being in the shadow of Marcus (or even Warren).

Since he hasn't played in the NFL, does anyone south of the border even know that Damon Allen exists?

No NFL experience

The Hall of Fame induction rules state, "Any fan may nominate any qualified person who has been connected with pro football in any capacity simply by writing to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The only restriction is that a player must have been retired at least five years before he can be considered."

So, based on that, there is no eligibility restriction limiting inductees coming from the CFL. While no rule states you have to be born in the USA or that you have to play in the NFL, the likelihood of Damon Allen eventually being inducted into the Canton, Ohio shrine is pretty low.

No other player has been named to the Hall of Fame after a CFL-only career. Warren Moon, however, spent 6 of his 23-year career quarterbacking in the CFL. Moon won five consecutive Grey Cups with the Edmonton Eskimos. That accomplishment alone is significant, but Moon did much more in his 17 NFL seasons including racking up 50,000 of those passing yards we keep referring to.

None of that should diminish the recognition Damon Allen deserves for throwing and running accomplishments throughout his career. He has by all measures had a career to be honoured. He may just have to settle for recognition from the shadows of the north - Canada, the CFL and the CFL Hall of Fame.

As a passing (no pun intended) note, two Canadians are enshrined in the Hall of Fame, but they both played in the NFL. Bronko Nagurski of Rainy River, Ontario played Fullback for the Chicago Bears in the thirties and forties and was inducted in 1963. Arnie Weinmeister of Rhein, Saskatchewan played Defensive Tackle for the New York Giants in the late forties and early fifties and was inducted in 1984.


When he passes MOON he will be in the GUINNESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS and in many ALL PRO football books where they have both NFL and CFL stats.

thanks for the article!

Thanks for the article Earl.

Howling winds and blinding snow storms. :o :o

Wow, I'm glad I'm in BC Place! :wink:

Here's a better article. (Nothing against the anonyomous internet poster who wrote the above article, but perhaps the cold howling wind and frozen ground is playing havoc with my judgement.)

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/08/24/1773437-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 7-sun.html[/url]

As the Toronto Sun correctly points out, Allen's career has been largely about mediocrity with the odd burst of brilliance. In 22 years, only once has he been considered the best QB in the league. During that time 8 other QBs were named the league's outstanding player prior to Allen, including one of them 6 times. Back in 2003 BC struggled to find anyone willing to trade for him. Could you imagine saying that about Doug Flutie at the same age (39)?

I'd be more impressed with a guy who played half the number of years, but was dominant during that time. If the Hall of Fame is supposed to recognize the best ever, don't you first need to be the best among your peers during the time you played?

Numbers do count though, whether it be for the Canadian Football HofF or whatever, in a sport as physical as football, lasting as long as Allen has is remarkable in and of itself, and then posting some decent numbers with those years, deserves some recognition, even if for most of those years a lot of people say he was just a very average qb.

That article is by STEVE SIMMONS , so it has very little cred. with me. :thdn:

Here is another view of this :

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Busby/2006/08/21/1767728-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Bu ... 8-sun.html[/url]

....the HOF rules state that any fan can write a letter, nominating their choice.....we should get 50,000 canucks to pen a little note to Canton on behalf of Damon....each team could do a hand out or something at one of their games to get people to write....the powers that be would have to listen to numbers like that.....

great idea :wink: :lol: :thup:

hmmm..do ya think that would work for Binny.

We the undersigned 1 million people would like USA to stay the hell out of our country's business.

Nahh, those arragant americans wouldnt care if all 30+ million of us wrote in.

I guess if the arguments are valid, one is forced to fall back on attacking the messenger.

Actually, they're not even arguments - his article is actually filled with facts.

You did the exact same with the orginal article posted in this thread

Sportsmen wrote:

Howling winds and blinding snow storms. :o :o
Too funny for sure, but a fun read still.

Hmmm ... I'll give you that one, I did imply that anonymous internet posters may not be the most credible source. (Surprise!) But in so doing I included an example of the silly Canadian weather stereotypes from that article as a way of illustrating that the writer may not be the world's leading authority on all things Canadian. And then I proceeded to counter the arguments with new thoughts.

I guess you don't know Steve Simmons. Those are opinions just as your are.

The article that I posted here is also full of facts! :thup:

Did you read it? :thup:

decent article, its nothing special, allen had a ncie career, belongs in the cfl hall of fame, all this other nonsense about canton must end, he is already going into one hall of fame( the cfl), so he should stop being greedy and be happy that he got a chance to play in the cfl.

No doubt hall of fame for Allen. his stats don't lie he's that good

He definately is NOT the greatest QB in CFL history. Though among the Top 7-10 for sure.

He's been able to be "good" for about half of his 22 years, pretty impressive all-around and the Grey Cups.

Dont know about some of those low completion percentages in the early part of his career.
low 50's...

Maybe there's something about HoF's located in Ohio. Damon definitely has the numbers to be there, and is not excluded from qualifying as outlined earlier on this thread. Pinball, as the all-time leader in all purpose yards in Pro football also qualifies and should also be there.
However, both Damon and Pinball probably face the same chalenges from that Ohio-based HoF as KISS has had getting into the R&R HoF in Cleveland. North American Gold Records Champ. with over 30 years in the business and still not there.
Nothing against the state of Ohio, but the HoF's that are based there seem to have blinders on.

this part of the article always strikes me-. "Damon began his career with the Edmonton Eskimos shortly after Warren left the Eskimos dynasty that he helped build." how moon gets credit for the eskimo dynasty, ell he got pulled from one grey cup and only started the last one as i recall. tom wilkinson was the leader of that team, and others. if history is writen witha twist so be it promote it anyway that works, congrats to Damon allen