Damon Allen and coaching

Why do you think DA is not coaching in the CFL in a substantive way.? He came out publicly last year that he would like an OC role. He did an internship in the NFL but I don't think it went anywhere. Part of me thinks his strong personality
might make a HC nervous?

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Can't really say, apart from the fact there's a lot of competition for these jobs. I can say it would please me to see him back in the CFL. I have lots of respect for the guy.

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Here is one main reason - $31M



ooooh! . I wonder how he accumulated that playing in the CFL?


Could very well be, but it's not always about the money. Does Ozzy need to tour, does Brady need to play? Just might be he wants to get back into the game he loves. Having to relocate would be my reason not to, it's a gypsy lifestyle.

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I don't believe that for a second

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Neither do I!
Could be bitcoin

Considering his brother who played in the NFL and is a CBC commenter is only worth 4 million
as per these gossip sites

If Marcus is 'only' worth 4 mill he isn't very good with his money then, should be worth a LOT more. Damon is a smart man who probably made smart investments, but I'll agree $31 mill seems to be on the unrealistic side.

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The point is, these gossip sites are full of baloney

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That's funny, I thought they were full of manure. :smile: Click-bait for advertising is the only reason for their existence.

Wondering if they are getting Marcus Allen mixed up with Damon .


Damon may have invested well who knows he might have good financial advisers and connections that led him to invest properly .

Many ex CFL guys have done well after leaving the league .


I'll guess its because he isn't willing to put in the work and time/years to EARN a chance at being an OC

Doubt it. Damon seems like the smart one to me. 31M doesn't seem out of line either. Especially considering the length of his playing career. Make some good life choices and you don't have to give it all to your ex's.......

NFL wants to "retrain" anyone coming from the CFL and they need to "pay their dues and learn the system". Meaning spend 4 years learning a playbook you are about to throw away and change.....

I would more likely bet put downs about his having played in the CFL would make him want to walk. Which is truly sad because, well, look how Moon revolutionized the game when he went to Houston. He took a terrible team places because nobody could cover their wide receivers and he could throw deep......... Revolutionized the NFL game. Guys like "The Bus" were superstars and now? There is no team that relies on their run game like that.

Ok now, lol, lets be realistic. Sounds like my dad talking and that everyone who played in Edmonton in the 80's should be in the hall of fame. Didnt ya know that Kevin McClelland was a #1 center? lol. Warren Moon might have very well been the best to never play his full career in Canada, but he didnt revolutionize anything. He never won anything at all. Just a starting job like Marino or better yet, Theisman. He had a good career but he didnt exactly invent the George Foreman grill.

Well, have a look at average passing yards in the NFL between Moon's first season there and now.
The game has changed entirely. It used to be run, and throw if you have to. Now its balanced. Funny but just watching NFL Gameday View and they called the current Steelers offence "old and outdated" when I remember back when Cowher was coach throwing was a last resort.....

just for curiosities sake, if thats a word, I would like to see what he could have done with Marino's receivers. Duper and Largent. It is kinda sad that back then parity and salary caps werent even considered. As long as Pitt, Dal, NYG and SF were there, everything was ok. or maybe if he had an RB like all those teams kept 'finding'. lol

As for DA, he had 3 HOF careers as far as i am concerned. He should be in the mix always. Best QB, or most successful that the CFL ever had. 3 Teams.

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