Damon Allen a Rider?

yea forget about Damon Allen, Micheal Bishop is on waivers.

Michael Bishop's contract is also for $250,000.

Bizarre....very very bizarre situation.

You know, the more I watch Stubler, the more I think he has rocks in his head. He's like the guy trying to herd a pack of cats. He has no idea what to do. He caused the quarterback problem in T.O., and if this is true, then he must pretty high regard for Cody Pickett. Sounds more like he just trying to stir up something though, because they would likely recall him if a team showed interest. : From the National Post:

"Beth Waldman, the team's director of communications, said Bishop is still with the organization and will be in uniform Thursday when the Argos play in Edmonton against the Eskimos.

Every week CFL teams put a number of players on the 48 hour waiver wire. This week Bishop was one of 16 players the Argos placed on waivers. If another team wants to select Bishop the Argos would then have the ability to recall him. Each team is given two recalls a season."

I really feel for KJ right now, his head must be going a mile a minute, and as a result, Stubler needs his butt kicked because he needs to calm this QB situation down out there. I hoping it's a heck of a mess come July 27, but it's a crazy story to watch.

I take this back, now the G&M is reporting that this is Pinball's doing, that he is behing KJ, but Stub is all Bishop......what a cat fight!!!!

If Damon Allen was that good, he would have been starting last season; he wasn't.

We could either get Michael bishop, Damon Allan, or neither. What's it gonna be?

I say Michael Bishop.