Damon Allen a Rider?

Damon Allen has said publicly that he would play for the Riders as a backup if they ask him to.

Personally as long as the price is right I can't see it hurting.

Link? I’ll believe it when I see it on print or hear an interview.

I heard the item on CBC Radio One this morning - so I don't have a link. The item said Damon Allen said he would become a Rider and not that the Riders had asked him to become one.

Theres your problem dusty.....CBC! :lol: :lol: Aren't they still showing re-runs of the Royal Wedding still? :roll: :roll:

I would not want to see him in Green. I think Allen is the most overrated QB in history. Yes the of course the stats back him up, I just don’t think he is that good. And definetly not good at all anymore.

Yep, I heard this as well on the radio.

[url=http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=9dee6bcf-bbe2-4e90-b03f-5344c9d3e959]http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/ ... 44c9d3e959[/url]

What about bringing him in as a QB coach/consultant....we have two relatively young inexperienced qb's so who better to mentor them than possibly the best QB to play the game in canada (providing Russ Jackson, Moon, Lancaster and Flutie never played)

Well as much as i'd like to have a proven QB help us in our time of need, NO. Marcus is out for 2-3 games, big deal, if Damon comes in at back-up that takes away from Durant's ability to learn, which is something very important if they plan on him or jyles being our future (i sure hope not)

Actually, I wouldnt mind him coming here. He could really help us develop Durant and Jyles.

I like the idea of a coach/consultant kind how Danny Mac is for Printers right now geez this thread should almost be moved the the "Become the Rider GM"

The thing is that many young QB’s that have played behind Damon have said that he isn’t much of a mentor type. I dunno if this is worth it, by the sounds of it Marcus will heal quicker than expected.

Miller just said on the news that Damon Allen will "be waiting a long time" if he is waiting for the Riders to call. Then Miller added, " I love Damon" but "we" want somebody who is familiar with "our terminology".

I don't know what he means by that but the only guy I can think of is Rocky Butler.

I heard that interview Thryllin, thats why i won't understand this ... Timmy Chang... WTH....please no, i'd rather take any highschool QB in the country over him... no offense or anything...


I think the story in the post was if Sask called he would not say no he'd be open to hear their pitch!but they didn't yet! Allen was awsume a true icon! I think his body says quit but his heart wants to play forever! can knock em for wanting to keep playing! wish him the best he's already a legend!maybe retirement is good?

Why would you not want him? He's better than anything you have, including Crandell.

It looks like a moot point of discussion as Ken Miller has said that there won't be any phone calls to Damon.

did you not read what I said. I don't think he is all that good. He has the numbers he had because he played so many years. In my opinion he had maybe 3 years where he was an elite QB, while the rest he was just mediocre.
Plus if Toronto doesn't want him why the heck would we.

Thankfully the fossil will not work his way into Rider green...Durant,Jyles and Crandell as 3rd string , i am assuming Crandell can fill in for a worst case scenario....those damn strained hammys.....

NO NO NO NO NOOOOO! As a Rider fan im glad to say this is one team he has not played for in his more than drawn out career. He was a decent player. until about 5 years ago, then year after year i was just surprised he didn't hang up his cleets. the guy doesn't know when to quit. why he's not in broadcasting or coaching is beyond me.

looks more like Bishop if the riders want to pick any other starting QB cheap