Damon Allen = 3rd String QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A big thumbs down to the Argo organization for not having the balls to tell Damon after last season during the off - season that he was too old to play QB but come back as an Assist. coach. This would have allowed Damon , who has had a stellar career, to retire with dignity. Instead he is embarrassed into becoming a 3rd string QB. Leadership takes guts boys. Management or the coaching staff should have had the guts to do this way back when!!!!
Poor form Argos!

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I don't know. He looked really good at the end of last season. How can you tell what would happen over the off season.

Perhaps the same can be said for Troy Westwood.

That's business.
That's football.

Go Bombers!!

Actully he looked pretty bad at the end of last season, specifically the playoffs. That being said, seeing how he choose not to retire, he deserves the same change as eveyone else to earn a starting position

People have been telling Damon "you're too old" for so long, now that its finally true I bet he just can't accept it.

And yeah, he looked awful at the end of last year, thats how this whole controversy got started.

The one bad thing about pin ball is he is to nice .He shouild have said goodbye,time to move on. The other to have a chance to get better,damon's days are behind him.

But would it really be smart coaching to release your best quarterback just because of his age? As long as he comes to training camp and proves that he deserves to start, he should start.

We knew the day would come when he would be too old, but we didn't know when. Most of us thought he should have retired five years ago, but he's won a Grey Cup and an MVP since then.

If he chooses not to retire, let him compete. If he wins the job, let him play. If not, relegate him to third string, or release him, or whatever you need to do. To just tell him "You can't play anymore because you're 43" would be doing a disservice to him, to the team, and to the Argo fans.


Damon Allen ended his silence yesterday.

The Toronto Argonauts veteran quarterback spoke openly about his demotion to No. 3 on the club's depth chart, three days after the team announced that backup Michael Bishop would start tomorrow night in Hamilton against the archrival Tiger-Cats.

As reporters gathered around him at the Argos' practice facility in Mississauga, pro football's career passing leader apologized for refusing to speak earlier this week, saying he needed a few days to come to grips with going from the club's starter to No. 3 behind Bishop and former NFLer Mike McMahon in the span of less than a week.

"I needed a few days to digest it all," he said. "I've always been the type of person to look at a situation before throwing in my two cents worth.

"I appreciate the Argos making this decision early ... it's unfortunate because I would've liked that to have happened the first week. I'm disappointed ... what I control is what I do on the field and obviously it wasn't enough. But my dedication to this team and to winning remain the same."

And so does Allen's belief that he can still be an effective starting quarterback.

"Those few days when I digested the situation, I didn't question my skill level at all," he said. "Am I still out of the picture? I don't believe I am.

"I believe my name will be called." Allen's self-imposed silence on his demotion suggested to many that the 23-year CFL veteran was bitterly angry with the move and not the least bit interested in serving as a mentor to Bishop, a six-year veteran who is nearly 13 years Allen's junior.

"As far as being a mentor, I've been doing that my whole career," he said. "You don't necessarily have to be a backup to be a mentor.

"The quarterback position is a unique position ... we deal with the same challenges and have the same excitement that the game brings."

Argos head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons wasn't the least bit surprised to hear Allen is handling his demotion with professionalism.

"When we talked earlier this week, he was very mature about this topic," Clemons said. "Today is another day in the life of Damon Allen."

Sounds like he handled the situation well. And thank God Toronto made this change. I don't think they should abandon Allen, but having him as the starter was definitely a mistake.

Hey Allen is a class act, a champion and a Hall of Famer. He deserves all the respect we can give him. He started the first game of the year and that's fine. This is how a changing of the guard should be. He still has a lot to contribute to the younger guys and he'll always be number one even if he's not the starter. That's called respect.

The way the CFL is, look for him to be as the starter at some point during the year!

dont worry he is going to have at least 1 more chance before the end of the season

What do you mean "The way the CFL is" ?

It's such a long season you're taking a huge gamble relying on one QB for the entire year.

if damon wanted to play so badly, he should have signed with Hamilton in off-season, im sick of hearing people feeling sorry for him, the dude is old and aint some young kid, its noobdy;s job to baby him and make him feel good

I like Damon as a qb, but I think he's been driving the bus too long, time for another driver! He should have retired last year at seasons end, as he does have that elusive record now under his belt!

Just meant the CFL isn't afraid to swicth QBs, unlike the NFL where it takes multiple poor games before coaches will switch.