Did you see Nautyn McKay-Loescher rip the ball out of quinns hands and run 69 yrds to the house! And soem people still have the nerve to say he shouldnt be starting over Chris wilson. If Wally doesnt smarten up he is going to lose Mckay-Loescher to free agency and possibly the NFL.

Don't worry.... Wally has always made sure his pending key free agents get contract extensions and McKay-Loescher is definitely one of them.

A future star in this league and what a steal as a second round draft pick.

Teamed up with Johnson, the Lions should have two dominating Canadian DL for years to come.

I thought it was funnier they way he almost keeled over after the "run".

I was expecting EMS with oxygen at any moment. Dante Marsh nearly finished him slapping his shoulder pads.