Re: Kackert. I have not been so bummed at a players career ending early because of injury since Bo Jackson. :cry: :cry: :cry:

One less reason now to even care if they play any games this year or ever.

As bad as that sucks because he was exciting to watch, this is not a massive blow to the Argos as he only played about 1/2 the time. Sensational player though and a shame his injury caused early retirement.

yeah, not thinking in terms of the argos fortunes, just that the entertainment level of watching him was a plus for the whole league, and now it is the leagues loss.

Just like Bo only played part time, for different reason of course, but man were they good to watch when they did play. Only about 230 carries in his 3 yrs, but still an impressive 6.4 average. He was 4th on my list of favorite running backs to watch, behind barry, bo, and pinball.

For me Sanders tops the list. I can only imagine what his numbers would have been if he had had a team in-front of him! Imagine if he and Smith had swapped teams!

Barry Foster and Ickey Woods were way up there for me as well. My brother still insists that Sanders wasn’t even the best Lions RB…he is always high on Billy Sims

There is still hope that his career is not over.... He will be back next year according to Chad Owens... Sadly, he will earn double his salary from last year... As a coach now, he does not have to worry about a salary cap... Why didn't the Argos already have a strength and conditioning coach? Braley really is a tightwad :cowboy:

Strength and conditioning coach?? how many coaches do teams need? It seems over the top to me, I think most teams have 12 coaches and yet 12 players on the field at one time.

The Running Back Position in the Trestman now Milanovich CFL offense takes a beating and is very demanding part of the offense. So far out of the three main RBs that have been that offense whether in Montreal or Toronto have been Cobourne, Whitaker, and Kackert. Cobouren got out before he was injured but both Whitaker and Kackert have sustained serious injuries in a very short amount of time.
The drafting of Coombs gives Toronto a second RB that will not take a DI spot but can be part of a two back systemas the change of pace back so the load can be shred among two RBs. Milanovich often dressed just one RB with Durie as an emergency RB in case of injury during the game. Durie however has a major role as a SB and I doubt Milanovich want to see him play any RB at all from here on out.
Also they acquired an injury plaged career of Woodson last season. If he can ever get healthy turning him into a teams player and being an emergeny RB pushes Durie even further away from the backfield.

This is a parking spot for him until he recovers enough to return to play. Makes the 9-game injury list for hangnails seem downright legitimate.

If Toronto is still struggling to find a starting RB than an option to come out of retirement for half a season is avery good possibilty. Now that the move has been made to go on with someone new I think they will find someone good

Yeah...I don't think any team can struggle to find an RB in this day and age. The NCAA churns them out like a KFC churns out grease.

No exactly a new position...it has been around for years, and yes...in the CFL. It is actually a pretty valuable positions and is a guy dedicated to giving guys regiments that are felt will enhance their performance and mitigate injury. The Argos would already have someone in this role, there is just a name on it you recognize now.

Agreed, but it is actually hard to believe that the Argos didn't have one already.

I’d be shocked if they didn’t. It was likely just called a personal trainer or some other tittle.