Damn! Riders take 3 of 4 Player of the Week categories!!

Wow.. now talk about impressive! :slight_smile:

Defensive Player, Special teams, and Canadian! that's impressive!

nice job!

I’m sure we would have swept them had Kevin Glenn not thrown for over 500 yards. What a week for QB’s.

I find it a little hard to believe that the best defensive player of the week played in a game that ended 44-44 and saw the last 6/7 drives for the two teams end in TDs, but I'm not complaining.

Baggs played a fantastic game. you cant take that away from him just because it was not a win.

Its an attempt by the league to appease rider nation aka "the whiners".

...the nods go to individual players not the team as a whole, and Baggs certainly had a very good game as an individual....that being said, I'm not sure how someone who has 19 carries for 137 yards and 3 TDs doesn't even get an honourable mention :roll: ....

because that's not that impressive. if he had 200yds though.. likely would have got it!

ooh 3 TDS! Szarka had 3 as well! so what?

someone's jealous! :smiley: :lol:

There were quite a few great offensive stats this week, tough week when you throw over 400 yards and 2 tds and in another case average 7 yards a carry with 3 TDs and don’t win. At least we see a week with the Canadian award going to someone who has more than just tackles for stats :wink: That award is pretty hit and miss at times.

You’re starting to sound eerily similar to someone else who posted in this thread.

Yes , of all 3 Grey Cups the Riders have ! :lol:

Nik Lewis got a POW for throwing a block, who knows why.


I remember at times the last few years when some teams would have a handful of players of the week and a number of rider fans would chime up with things like rather win thru team effort than have individual performances. Just seems funny to me the hypocrisy of some.

We shoulda won all 4 , but then it would of looked biased.


Re: Damn! Riders take 3 of 4 Player of the Week categories!!
by bohdon on 20 Oct, 2009 - 17:15

Eskylo wrote:
Its an attempt by the league to appease the whiners.

Get real we all know the biggest whiners in the league wear red & white. And, the little midget from the north was pretty good at it too.

I don't care what color the jersey is, we're all whiners.

There are a lot of people pissed over that call, I still can't quite let that one go, (I'll get over it in time)...I hope.

All I'm saying is I agree with eskylo the league did it to try heal the wounds...this doesn't quite do it for me.

I know how players of the week work. I just find it funny/odd that the best player on defense out of eight teams played with 11 other guys who combined led to 44 points being scored against them. That either says a lot about Calgary's offense or shows that the rest of our defense didn't play as good as they could.