Damn Proud to be Canadian

This might be off topic, and if it is, feel free to move it. I would just like to say I am damn proud to be Canadian and live in the greatest country in the world. Maybe I'm a little emotional because of the olympics, but something like this is what this country needs, we need something to make us proud. There aren't many events in this country which bring out our pride, really the only one being the Grey Cup, another event that makes me proud to be Canadian. Maybe I'm rambling right now, but I would just like to point out that I'm proud of this country, and everyone should be, proud of our olympians, proud of our league, proud of everything. Let's go for gold tomorrow!

I find the idea of nationalism to be a little strange to be quite honest. I dont really understand the point of being proud of something that is an arbitrary fact about yourself that you had little to no control over and did not really do any work to accomplish. the atheletes that won medals for Canada should be very proud of themselves but why should I be proud of them. I was in no way a contributing factor to them winning the medal and even if it is geographic proximity I live just as close if not closer to a fair number of american cities as well.

Im not saying Id rather be in another country but I just dont see the point in being proud of something I had nothing to do with other than a loose geographic connection

It just feels good.

Why should you be proud? Why should I be proud? Because ultimately were all in this together. We all share the good times this country goes through, and the bad times. Take the olympics as one of the good times. Maybe you did not directly contribute to these athletes success, but it is the way we Canadian's are that inspire them. It is the way we live our lives that shows the rest of the world how great this country is. According to you're logic, why should anyone be proud of any of the CFL teams they are fans of? In no way did they contribute to their teams success or downfall, but ultimately they are proud, why? because the team they cheer for in most cases represents the city they are from. I know in the case of Hamilton, people are proud of that team, they are proud of where they are from. They feel proud when the team plays a hard, physical game because it represents the way this city is, they are a hard working, gritty city that isn't afraid to get dirty, and they expect their players to play the exact same way. In the case of the Olympics, Canadian's expect our athletes to work hard and provide an honest, hard fought attempt in their respected event. No, you didn't have a say in where you were born, but you should accept and be proud of where you are from, no matter where it is, because if you have this pride, when something like the olympics, or the grey cup happens, and you're country or team is successful, it brings people together and makes them feel good, and you know what, ultimately, that's what life is about, feeling good and enjoying yourself.

Let's make this football related :wink: - Jesse Lumsden in bobsleigh coming in 5th in the 2 man and 4 man was a very good showing too. Proud of him and all of our Olympians - whether they won a medal or got their best results or not, we know they tried their best.

Gold medal leader's, 1 medal from setting an olympic record for most gold medals won in a single olypmic tournament.What's not to be proud of?

Great thread Chris101- Cheering for the Home Team :thup: Vancouver had the same atmosphere for the Grey Cup in 1994. :thup: RE_mada7 _ In any sport playing/competing for your country is the highest honor and supersedes the professional leagues championship,s titles/trophies. We cheer for our countrymen and women because we are on the same team, not just fans paying to watch mercenaries .

I don't think people should over analyze this but go with the flow and feeling some heart-felt Canadian nationalism is fine with me and something quite frankly this country can use a little more of. However this is accomplished is a good thing, we can't take all the positive things we have in Canada for granted otherwise we could lose them all before you know it.

Good read Chris. :thup:

J.L,s start time in the 2 man was second best. :thup: Congrats to all the athletes, and thanks for a Super Winter Olympic Games

You know, I’m not trying to be rude, but when I read this I laughed, because one question popped up: How are you a sports fan? :lol: How much enthusiasm do you show when your team wins the Grey Cup? :lol:

Let’s not forget we are a small country population wise pulling enormous weight in global athletic competition…

A win in tomorrow’s hockey game (not sure if there are other events to be decided tomorrow) and Canada breaks the record for most events won, that is most gold medals won ever in a single winter Olympic Games.

Not too much pressure on the boys, eh? Yikes! I'd be a nervous wreck. Hope they can pull it out though. :thup:

About the possible record number of gold medals, I'm not trying to belittle the outstanding performance of Canadian athletes at the Vancouver Games, but one thing to consider is the fact that there are more events now than in the past. Sports like curling and short track speed skating haven't been in the Olympics very long. It's like if the CFL went to a 20-game regular season, and some team finished 17-3. Being the first team to win 17 games in one regular season would be a great accomplishment, but that doesn't necessarily make it superior to a team winning 15 of 18 games.

chris101, good post. I agree for example, here we are in Ottawa, 7000 kms away from Vancouver, and you can just feel the difference in people right now, you know... folks are walking with their heads a little higher up and feeling proud to be Canadian. maza7, btw you did contribute to the Games... the Federal funding comes right from yours and my pocket book, so take a bit of credit and bask in Canadiana today!! :smiley:

And this funding helps the health of Canadians overall I think as Harper alluded to in his interview last night I think it was when being interviewed by Brian Williams. Medals and Olympic participation and facilities gives our youth a sense of motivation to be active and active is good for health benefits. I'd like to see more funding for football stadiums as well as increased funding for this would be great. I think Canada should seriously consider becoming World Cup site at some point, while soccer isn't my game it is a great participatory sport for kids and nothing is bigger than the World Cup, along the lines of the Olympics and as a result, we get increased facilities for North American football as well. I really think we need to start thinking of bringing football and soccer together as partners more and more, one can feed off the other for slightly different purposes as long as we don't make the mistake of what Toronto did with BMO and make it just one dimensional albeit they do have the RC for football.

Truth is the Sky Dome was built for Canadian Football, and is a world class facility design, the seating is designed similar to hockey stadium,s in the angle of assent and offer unobstructed view, a great place to watch Canadian Football :thup:

Honestly it is because I am able to make a distinction between wanting a team to do well and being very happy and excited when they do and being proud of a team. I am very proud of the things I have accomplished so far in my life and things my family members have accomplished in theirs and I take pride in my values and ethics. To put something like the performance of people I never met or had anything to do with just devalues the concept of pride when you start associating it with something that is just a fact about yourself it is on par with taking pride in your height.

Whether Im proud of my nationality or ashamed of it it’s not going to change why act like it means anything at all. For the record I am very happy living in Canada and enjoy all the benefits pertaining to being a canadian citizen I just dont see the point in acting like where your mother happened to be when you fell out of her is an accomplishment and source of pride

I think all sports should be embraced at all levels. I happen to really like football, but I hope soccer really succeeds too. I love to cheer for Canada's national team, especially those rare times I actually get to see it play.

Someone else mentioned that Canada is a small country. I suppose it is next to the Goliathan U.S., but Canada is huge compared to many other countries. Really, Canada is medium sized, but with the heart of a GIANT.

I also have to add, that not only am I extremely proud of Canada right now, but I'm also VERY pleased with NBC's superb, impartial, coverage of the games. I extensively watched both CTV and NBC, and both were really excellent.

For me, I think there’s more pressure because we’re playing the U.S. If we were playing Finland or Sweden, and we lost, sure it’d suck, but I’d be happy with the silver, and the 26th medal. But since it is the U.S., I wanna win! I’m still bent about the loss in the Juniors, and the 5-3 loss earlier in these games. I want revenge! :twisted:

i"m proud of both teams of course. I want to see a great game! Canada has those awesome forwards, and the U.S. has Ryan Miller (the awesome goalie). If Canada’s defence can avoid the cheap penalties I think it’s gonna be close!