Damn Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys acquired WR Roy Williams from the lions today in exchange for a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick in the 2009 draft.

thats now 15 pro bowlers.....the cowboys are turning into the freakin yankees.

i was sorta hoping my bucs would get him but oh well.

How the Cowboys arent exceeding the salary cap is beyond me.

oh well, Good Luck to Brad Johnson for the next 4 weeks(and then romo the following weeks) on keeping Williams, Owens, Witten and Barber Happy. As soon as they lose they'll all be complaining on how they need the ball more.

Have Fun Jerry. :smiley:

Whoa! Three picks for Roy Williams...? I don't know if I'd give up that much...

I wish my Eagles acquired him.

What I wanna see is what the jerseys of both Roy Williams will look like during games lol

He got hurt today...so it a moot point.

i believe that was the safety Roy Williams that got injured today was it not?

Yes you are correct..... I don't even watch NFL....until CFL is over anyways... However living in Van I get bombarded with NFL like crazy....TEAM 1040 is probably 70/30 in favour of NFL Vs CFL coverage...
Then yesterday on Sportsnet... The baseball game was the lead story followed by about 5 NFL games then after the commercial break they showed the Rider hilights (no interviews after) then followed by 5 more NFL games.
If you watch and listen to sports it's almost imposible not to have some knowledge on the NFL..... I'm almost happy that I messed this up.

Yeah man, out for the year I heard.