Damn, Cats have rights too

BREAKING: The DUTCH Government might ban CATS from roaming outside. - YouTube

Kill the birds. Kill them all. No infringing of kitty's freedoms.

I agree! Free the cats. Shut down the Dutch government.


I'm torn here. I don't like most cats, but there are some good ones.

But I hate rats, so maybe free some of them and the mice and let the cats out for a bit and go from there.

I hate birds, except the ones we normally eat.

Then again, I hate insects, reptiles, rodents, and skunks.

viva la kitties

I had a cat named Miranda. Does she have rights?

diplomatic rights

I really like cats, I'm indifferent to most birds that cats catch and I absolutely despise governments. I'm mildly positive to Dutchmen in general.