Damion Cook

The Ticats announced the signing of import offensive lineman Damion Cook today. Here is some background information on him from the nfl.com website and related sites:

-6'5", 330 lbs and 27 years of age

-was a 290 lb defensive end during his college career at Bethune-Cookman and ran a 4.8 40 yard dash at that time

-signed by Baltimore Ravens as undrafted free agent in 2001 and converted into an offensive lineman

-spent first two weeks of 2001 season on Baltimore practice squad then was claimed by Chicago and spent 14 games on active roster

-played for Barcelona of NFL Europe in 2002

-returned to Baltimore for 2002 and 2003 seasons

-on Baltimore active roster for first nine games of 2004 then was claimed on waivers by Cleveland and became their starting right guard for the final six games of the season

-signed as a free agent by Miami Dolphins in 2005

hmm i wonder how he could become a starter then run to europe then back the the states.. and end up here.. there nust have bin a nagging injury or somthing.. how does a guy get moved around in so little time and still start

This guy could make a very big cat.

What's the worst that can happen?
If there is an injury then hopefully it comes out sooner rather than later so we have time to get someone in, starting and get some chemistry on the O-line.
If he has a clean past then I can't wait to see him in B&G on June 9th.

yeh i know, i was just saying i wonder whats wrong with him if he can be a starter then end up in so many dif places, i was wondering if there was a injury involvd as to why he was past around so much, i figured it woud be kinda the same way Travis landed here.

You know, I recall the same thing being said when we brought in Greg Randall. But Randall doesn't seem to have much of an injury history. Apparently, he's here because it would cost less for an NFL team to have a younger player in his place. That's what we suspected with Rnadall, and perhaps Cook is here for similar reasons.

And he is 6'6" and weighs 320 pounds. Only three more Ticats weight more than he does, and you can take a quick look to verify that if you click here. (I should add that if this contradicts TCTD's information on him, it's because I got the information from CHML's news section on the Ticats.)

solid. i sounds like a monster

There seem to be discrepancies about the reported height and weight of new Ticat offensive lineman Damion Cook:

6'5" 330 lbs (from NFL-related websites)
6'6" 330 lbs (from "Day 4 Training Camp" news item on the ticats.ca website)
6'6" 320 lbs (from the CHML news section)

Whichever one of these reports is correct, we can probably agree that Cook has the size to be an effective CFL offensive lineman.

I think it is a mistake to look for reasons behind someone's being cut from an NFL team. SO MANY factors go into a cut, there's no way to say that any one was the key factor.
Could be salary, could be making room for a hotshot rookie, could be personal bias on the part of a coach, could be just sheer numbers, could be any number of things.
Keep in mind that there are HUNDREDS of kids graduating from college teams every year. It's a real dogfight to make an NFL team in the first place, and even tougher to retain your place.
Why don't we just take Damion Cook at face value for the time being and let him show the coaches what he can do. They will make the right decision.....right for the team, which is what's important.

Just like were going to have to cut some good ballplayers

yeh im afraid of whats going to happen at reciever, we r going to see many good players cut, then picked up n im afraid we r going to cut the wrong guy hes gunna join a team like the argo's and just kill it, thats my biggest fear.

I think the argos are fairly set are receiver... they probably wont pick up any of our cast offs (Miles, Bruce, Stokes, Baker, Soward, Palmer, Talbot.... )

well he wont measure up to clairidge and his skill

wont know until we see him in a game now will we. (still wont be able to replace Claridge in our hearts tho)