Damion Cook

My thoughts are he fell into disfavour with the coaches last night after that foolish penalty - Dyakowski looked good replacing him.

I'm afraid Cook may not survive this ... Dyakowski and Cheron, when healthy, are certainly capable of performing and contributing.

And they are both Canadians ... opportunity to shuffle the ratio a little.

Awful...Dyakowski awesome!

half to agree..

Once the young guys are ready, you'll see four non-imports starting on the O-line. It's only a matter of time.

Yep, I think Cook will be cooked soon. Dyakowski is in for good now and we have veterans Cheron and Hudson and rookies Ince and Rempel waiting in the wings. One of these guys could be trade bait.

I don't know if we have a Canadian who can play right tackle though. Can Cheron? Hudson certainly can't and I don't think he'll be back this year anyway.

Who do you have in mind for right tackle?


Dyakowski? :stuck_out_tongue:

If Davis is going to be usurped at right tackle, you put a natural tackle there. Enter Peter.

I'm more worried about Woodard at the moment than Davis. He was struggling against Anwar Stewart, particularly in the first half.

My guess is if a shift in tackle occurs, you will see Peter on the edge. It will be a case of who in the Rempel-Ince-Cheron-Hudson mix can emerge at one of the guard spots. Gagne-Marcoux is playing reasonably well at the moment at the left guard spot, IMO. Hage is safe at center for the moment, but Cedric could still unseat him.

Hudson was put on the 9-game injury list, so we shall see about his status in the coming weeks. If big George can get healthy, it will really solidify our interior line.

Oski Wee Wee,

All that being said, we have to find a continuity with the unit as a whole. All this shifting around has to stop at some point for the line to develop as a functioning, gobsmacking organism. :wink:

Its a shame that the 2 O-linemen they drafted this year (Rempel and Ince) couldn't do any better than practice roster.

Well said, I had forgotten Dyakowski was a tackle. I noticed Woodard struggling too...so by the end of the year...??

Hudson / Cheron / Ince / Rempel

dyakowski will be starting i think cook was only here until cheron got healthy and he didn't play too well in the argo game plus being an import ain't good. jerome davis also took 2 procedure calls so that can't sit too well with taaffe. i wonder how hurt hudson is though and if he'll be back and if he is do they put at guard or move him to center over hage, who's high snaps are scaring me.

Arent both Cheron and Dyakowki both tackles? If so, than i believe if everything goes well and they play up to their potential, we could have an all-Canadian line. This probably wont happen since Woodard is playing exceptionally well, but an injury to him and if Davis play keeps dropping off, we could be lookin at some Canadian hogs up front

Cheron Hudson Gagne Hage Dyakowski

With Donnelly, Ince and Rempel playing backup. Maybe even bring back Filice? tell me what you guys think

Lumsden started to run when Dyakowski came in the second quarter. On a couple of occasions he pancaked Romero who is a rather large lad.Even though Peter played right tackle at LSU, his guard play looked great against the Als. This is a nice problem for Taaffe to deal with for a change. Cheron will probably be a guard/tackle backup against BC.
Since the 2006 draft, the foundation has been layed for solid Canadian linemen on both sides of the ball. Eventually I can see Timmy Chang behind an all Canadian O Line
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Dyakowski and Marcoux are beasts. We have a great O-Line that will get better every game they play.

Does anyone know for sure when Hudson is due to return?

Game 10 at the earliest if I understand the 9-game injury list correctly. :smiley:

If you add another Canadian to the O Line where do you add an import?

I say (1) free safety or (2) slot.

I was going to start a new thread for this but I guess it fits here.

If there was one play that got the Ticats' offence going on Saturday night, what was it?

My pick: Cook's unnecessary roughness penalty. That got him out of the game and Dyakowski in, and the offence much better after that.

And it was such a bad call.... he gave the guy a shove... hell even Suiter thought it was a bad call.

Well yeah, but other than pushing us out of field goal range, it did us more good than bad.

It really wouldn't matter how good the imports played on the O-line, we will be going with four non-imports as soon as they're ready.
Our Canadian talent on the O-line and D-line will be our strength in the future.
I think that at that time we could be using four import receivers.

Cook wasn't at practice yesterday, but I haven't seen any transaction to reflect his absence. Anybody know?