Damion Cook

Am I the only one who thinks that Cook is the weakest link on our O-Line? He was brutal at Right Tackle last year, so we move him to Guard. He doesn't seem much better there. For a big guy, he sure does get pushed around pretty easily. His poor play tonight led to a least one of the sacks.

Add Hage to your list. Both of these players are truley week links...................

I posted somthing in my blog about it ..
Of Course you are Right.

i wont disagree with your assessment of this guy, he's a human turnstile,its just a good thing for him that he doesn't play for b.c. cause then we'd really
mistake him for a friggin' 6'6" traffic pylon with that orange uniform they wear. and to think marcel thought it was in the team's best interests to keep him instead of wayne smith! great move.hage on the
other hand is a good centre-you may not think so but alot of other d-linemen in the league consider him to be one of the best. i think i'll get in line with their thoughts as opposed to yours. the guy played at colorado and went to jacksonville's camp, he's good.

I missed last night's game because of a wedding. Thank god for small mercies!

I have never been a Damion Cook fan, however. My 90 year old mom would have no problem getting around or through this guy, even with her walker.

When you overload a certain position with imports, it should be a strength of your team.
We're using 3 imports on the o-line, which I'm pretty sure nobody else does, and it's the weakest part of the team right now (in a neck-in-neck battle with the receivers).
Cook is that 3rd import. I really hope he's just a placeholder until we can get a couple of guys of the injured list. That would also free up a spot for an extra import defensive back or d-lineman.