Damage to I.W.S.???

When I got home from work last night my wife told me that she saw on the news that there was some damage to I.W.S..

Something about some steel that holds the lights up fell down?????

I have not been able to find this anywhere on the news.

Can anyone confirm or deny this one??

Thanks and sorry.

Yeah a light standard collapsed. It was on CH news last night.

Is this the same light fixture collapse that Bob mentioned in his Caretaker Update, and the media is only reporting it now? Or did it happen again?

I'm not sure. It's a light standard on the south side.

Yeah, I saw that on the news too.

The real tragedy is that it crushed a hot dog stand as well. That is going to force the city councillers to get a new hot dog stand and lights.

Yes we do need a stadium and soon!!!! Imagine if this happened during a game?

My two cents worth


Now let’s not panic and rush out to purchase a new hot dog stand. Maybe we can renovate it for alot less money. Perhaps we need a committee to meet and discuss possible new locations for the hot dog stand. Although there are alot of citizens who may prefer the existing location of that old hot dog stand so we have to consider that as well.

Sorry but I have a HUGE problem with this. First off not everyone like hot dogs. I am more of a french fries type of guy and do not want to see my money going to help build a new hot dog stand, no matter how many people love hot dogs and or how many jobs that hot dog stand may generate.

I am aware that people from outside of Hamilton love to come here for our hot dog stand, but if they want to eat at it, then they can build the new one, not us. :rockin:

Looks like all home games may be switched to Rogers centre until the new Pan Am stadium is built.


But what if that hotdog stand is what stands between Hamilton getting to host some of the Pan Am events or not? Maybe we should take a page out of the Field of Dreams…“Build it (the hotdog stand) and they will come (and eat).”

(sorry…slow news day which leads to my bizarre sense of humor running amok)

If that's the case, I guess like the Giants and Jets do, we'll need a yellow and black banner going around the bottom of the stands or the facade at the RC. :wink:

BEWARE...People ordering hot dogs at I.W.S. must ware a hard hat. :oops:

Wait Wait

Before we spend anymore money on the hot dag stand. We need to update all of the sewers. Yes people it is the sewers that need fixing. Without the technologically updated sewer systems, the by-products produced by the hotdogs will have no place to flow. I say put your money into the sewers. Where is Sam, he will back me up on this!


but you are all missing the point ... this is the opportunity to attract a new fan base to IWS/ticat games! we shouldnt go back to a hot dog stand or a fry stand ... we need healthy food alternatives. what self-respecting, face-painted steel worker wouldnt prefer a fruit smoothie ... or yogurt ... of maybe fruit cups?!?! :lol:

So essentially you’re telling the taxpayers in Hamilton that they should flush their money down the drain. hahahahaha

Hamilton City Council will probably bow to pressure from PETA and install a tofu stand instead. They won't want to offend any dog owners.

Hate to interrupt the hot dog stand tangent, but I'm really surprised that the "Hamilton media" are just picking up on this now. Especially given the newsworthiness of the Pan Am bid/stadium.

A few weeks ago, in one of the many posts about the need for a new stadium, I mentioned that one of the banks of lights and on the South Stands came crashing to earth over the Christmas holidays. I read about it in the Bay Observer newspaper in early January I was surprised that no one else had mentioned it, and that no one else commented on my reference to it. I didn't realize that CH/E! and the Spec had completely missed it.

I guess now that E! is reporting it, it must be a real story.

I guess that about settles all the debate about the structural integrity of good ol' IW. I wonder if the famous IW sightlines will be affected for night games by one of the stadium's major banks of lights sitting in ruin on the ground behind the stands.

Glad I sit in the North stands.

you are right sec8 … lets forget that hotdog rob murphy and move on! oh wait … that wasnt the hot dog tangent you meant was it?!

This thread is just turning into a back-up situation of many sorts. :wink:

Well if we don’t get these sewers, then everyone will be backed up.

What the heck is a "hot dag?"