Daly says Tee will start next week if Glenn injured

Ok, now something is seriously wrong here. Coach Daly announces after the loss to Calgary that Tee Martin will start next week if Glenn can't answer the bell. What's with that?

I'm beginning to believe that the Bombers have an agreement with the NFL or some undisclosed partner to re-devolope a once bright prospect who now has trouble recognizing his own teammates. How much are the Bombers being paid to keep Tee on the roster? Is that why we can afford to have 4 quarterbacks, while only paying for 3?

Time to move on Jim. I wouldn't buy another ticket to a Bombers game until Tee is gone. AND Yes I did buy 12 tickets for the last home game.

Read the thread on Russ Michna in this forum. Daley said that at this point, Tee would likely start next game if Glenn is injured, but that him and the rest of the coaching staff need to evaluate Tee and Michna's performance, and then they would make a decision. To me that sounds like there is a good chance that Michna will start if Glenn is injured.

Daley would not announce that Michna is the new backup right after the game without consulting with the other coaching staff and analyzing the game tape, and talking to the QB's in person.

He was put on the spot, and he answered the question appropriately and professionally. If Glenn is still injured for the gama against Hamilton, my bet is that Michna will start.

However, if Tee does start, then Daley should be fired.

Rip up your tickets and mail them to Bauer if Tee or Petersen play another down for this team, please.

can't blame Kamau too much on this loss....caught one nice pass...had a good special teams tackle.....and there was an obvious pass interference call that the refs, blew...pretty sure he would have come down with that one...but I agree he is treading on thin turf with the team ....I say Petersen gets another shot....maybe with a QB. like Michna in there (I hope) it will make a big difference.. :!:

doing good or not I don't think I'd be able to rip bomber tickets

If TEE starts. I just want to say sorry to the Bombers and their fans.

I saw the game in Baltimore today and Tee was awful. He just looked lost while Michna got two td's on the boards. I know with the lead Calgary had they may have backed off a bit but Tee was just plain awful. It's the first Winnepeg game I've seen this year and I was wondering if it was just a bad game for Tee but from reading the posts it doesn't seem to be so. I would go with Michna in a hearbeat. Hope they do.

goodbye daley

Daley is an idiot......why even think out loud that Tee will start without looking at the tapes...dumb A$$

anyone see the interview when he had those big headphones on? Why didnt he take them off when he was talking about the game.. he needs some big thick glasses, then we have a Mr.Magoo. Anyone venture to take a guess what he was listening too? my best guess is The safety dance by Men Without hats, its just so catchy!

to put tee in is a bad mistake if anything i would start michna if glenn is injured.

I think he was listening to the "Friends" episode ,were Ross say" be cool, just be cool" or may it was one of them feel good tapes, that keep saying" you're not an idiot, bob Irvine likes you, you're not an idiot"

Papp I am surpirsed at you turning rider fan here looking for excuses. First off Peterson sucks get that in your mind right now. The guy can not catch he got lucky on that one. No interference on that play my friend. On T Martin I think this guy needs more games no doubt. Michna was playing against a few second stringers and in a prevent defense that is why he looked good at this time. Now do not get me wrong this kid will be a good QB but starting another young guy would be a mistake at this time of the year. T has had a few starts already and if he can get use to his receivers ( good ones that can catch) he will be good. Look at who he is throwing too. Mcgarity earlier and now gone and Peterson could not catch a cold why do you think the Stamps sent him packing? So right now the options for passing is Stegal Stodard and the young kid I can not remember his name but he had a few good catches. Mcdonald will help a lot. But Peterson crap keep him on the team and you will see the basement.
Taman sure brought in good talent in the off season ya right. If any one is to blame it is that moron. Good luck with the rest of the season and kick Rider butt.

Martin & Michna have no buisness on the feild. The fight for starter should be between Wynn & Glenn. They are the only two Qb's that have experience. Glenn has been around the league for about five years. He has paid his dues and has learned the game. Wynn as well. He would still be in BC if not for their one- two punch. Wynn should have been playing since game two, when Glenn first went down.
By the way you could see it in the eyes of the Bomber Receivers when Tee came in against Calgary. They have no confidence in the guy and were not even running proper routes. It is pretty crappy for them as pro athletes but can you blame them. Martin Stinks, he needs two more years just to learn the game. He can't read a defence even if the other team gave him their playbook. If not Glenn, then Wynn. Bottom Line. I still think we should try to make a deal for Maas or (big hopes) Printers....

Trade: Stokes and Wynn for Maas or Tom Canada and Stokes for Printers. (i don't know, Just get us a #$%@ing starter.

Mcgarity and peterson are gone. Now it is time to release Martin.

just remember this guys... and you can throw it back at me in the future if you like.....Michna ...as young and as inexperienced as he is... has been our best performing QB. to date....pre-season included....this is the guy who should be the starter...and mark my words... will be the next star in this league... :wink:

Based on the articles in todays papers, it looks like Glenn will be healthy for the Hamilton game on Saturday, so we don't need to worry about Martin starting.

I would like to know that Michna will be the official backup next time (if) Glenn gets injured. For some reason, as soon as Tee enters the game, I get the feeling like the Bombers have no chance of winning.

Couldn’t agree more JS.

i agree with you grienk because we did 2 good choices all though i think we should have kept Wane McGarity but peterson gone will help us since we got brazzel for him and yea next will be tee. tee's time with the bombers are being numbered!

Peterson should have went first. Could've sent a message to McGarrity then he might have played better.